Banglalink Robi Missed Call Alert Service

Both Banglalink and Robi Missed Call Alert service is getting an awesome response from the user’s side. And well, this is the expected reaction, as about every user are requiring this option from their respective operators. So, nothing is surprising about its positive feedback. Moreover, for those who are not known much about this service, so for their information this function work when your number is switched off or it’s in flight mode. Yes, in both of these situations, one will get a notification of all incoming calls when one will activate the phone. Hence, one will responds or call back to all of the numbers that must attend. Although apparently, it seems a bit simple when one will get benefits from it then he or she realizes how it’s productive.

Robi Missed Call Alert Service Details:

We have elaborately described the importance of Banglalink Robi Missed Call Alert Service and hopefully, this is not very complex to conclude. So without spending more time on it we are straightforwardly moved on to the codes and other essentials stuff.

How to Activate Robi Missed Call Alert?

  • With only a simple SMS and code one will easily activate it, while secondly if one thinks that this is a difficult method then the second way is also possible via a number. Here we will elaborate on both of these options.

Robi Missed Call Alert Code: :

The most key thing about this service is the Robi missed call alert code and its pattern that how we will operate them to initialize it. So the commonly used processes are:

1 Go to text and simply write Start MCA and then forward it to the 28272
2 Another option is that after dialing the *28272*11# follow the next given instructions.

How to Stop Robi Missed Call Alert Service?

There is also a way or method available that is used to stop this service. If someone thinks that this service does not fully fill his requirement or in some other case he wants to switch it off then this is also easy and also free of cost too. Oh, that’s great.

Robi Miss Call Alert Off Code:

  • Thus far, two of the Robi miss call alert off codes are used to end this operation. And their implementations are also different from each other. But these are not tricky or hard to follow. Read out the table.
1 The text to stop this service is Stop MCA and next send or transfer it to code 28272
2 Secondly, *28272*2# is sufficient to dial but after this obey the coming directions.

Robi Missed Call Alert Charges:

Reasonable charges are allocated for these services. So the tariff is not an obstacle that causes the users to not take advantage of it. Meanwhile, for a part of users, this is chargeless and those lucky ones are.

  • If you are in a postpaid family, then this is free of cost opportunity. Just activate it and then start receiving the notifications.
  • For the prepaid users, (10 Taka+ Tax) is charged for a specific duration of 30 Days. Meanwhile, after the detection of this amount the activation and deactivation are completely free.

After Robi, Banglalink missed call alert service is also unfolded here with all of the characteristics. So, plz be there and also review it too. The results of these features are the same, but because of different platforms, their code and way of subscriptions are unique.

for alert of missed call of Robi net work now

Note: Now an advance form of this service is also revealed by Robi that one will block any unnecessary numbers or even calls. This is also an attractive function that without going into flight mode when one can get rid of an undesired person. In another post, we also explained it too. Either, you can also gather its basic info from the *28272#. But, not mixed them as they have their own values.

Banglalink Missed Call Alert Service:

Around six years ago, Banglalink’s missed call alert service was first time showcased in a very simple way. At that time there are very few other operators who had worked on it but as usual, they surprise their families with this new development. Now, a common question is that

How to Activate Banglalink Missed Call Alert?

  • One of the simplest techniques is presented by Banglalink for the purpose of missed alert activation. But this is only one option for this objective, so don’t misguide yourself with a few fake ways that are also seen on the internet.

Banglalink Miss Call Alert Code 2023:

There is no change noted in the banglalink miss call alert code 2023, as from day one this is “622” and then the procedure is also the same as it was before.  Write down or just remember the further step to initialize it.

After typing the text “Start”, simultaneously processed it to the “622”. Oh. it’s phenomenal.

How to Stop Banglalink Missed Call Alert Service?

In case, you are against this service or it will suit you then the possibility of its deactivation is also provided in an easy way. Yes, they have not closed the door of any of their service, the one which one will activate has also access or a way to stop it too.

Banglalink Missed Call Alert Service Off Process:

  • To OFF the banglalink missed call alert service, again the deactivate process is user-friendly and also straightforward. The code is all the same, just by changing the text one will achieve this goal too.
Now the text is changed and this is “Stop”,  while the code for it is “622” on which you instruct to send it.

Banglalink Missed Call Alert Charges:

  • The last and most asked query of the users is the charges, but BL has stunned everyone that there are no charges for these services. Yes, hard to believe that it’s free but it’s true and everyone is eligible for it too.

There is no expiry of this service, which means every month its reaction is not compulsory. Once, start set up then it will auto refreshed at the end of 30 days. Also, visit How to Stop Robi Promotional SMS?

Apart from this, the option of blocking any of the given numbers is also offered by BL too. And this is older than this one. So, you can also utilize it too. According to a few people, these are the same kind of services, but if we go into their depth then realize that they are entirely dissimilar.

of miss call of Banglalink operator alert

Now, we have this belief that all of you know perfectly about the Banglalink and Robi missed call alert service. And from the code to its activation and any of the other ask questions are wrapped in this text. Still, in case, any confusion is left in your mind, we are there for every type of assistance. This is perfect for those who have the habit of switching off the phone at night or during meetings.

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