Banglalink SMS Pack 2023

In today’s fast-paced world, the importance of staying connected cannot be overstated. Banglalink, a front-runner in the telecommunications industry in Bangladesh, understands this need for constant communication. Banglalink SMS Pack 2023 are given here. To meet this demand, they offer a variety of SMS packs designed to fit every user’s unique needs. This extensive guide, expertly curated, will take you through the ins and outs of Banglalink’s 2023 SMS pack offerings, enabling you to choose the perfect pack for your needs. Further, see below the table where all information about monthly, 30 days, weekly, and 15 days SMS codes are mentioned.

Banglalink SMS Pack 2023

All those offers are going to be mentioned below that have been introduced by Banglalink. Furthermore, Banglalink SMS Pack 2023 is giving many offers to customers who are using the SMS packages on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Data Charges Days Activation Code
30 sms 3 Days Dial *121*1013# 3 Tk
70 sms 7 Days Dial *166*770# 7 Tk
200 sms 15 Days Dial *121*15# 15 Tk
500 sms 30 Days Dial *121*30# 30Tk

Banglalink 30 Days SMS Pack

Activate this offer for the duration of 30 days because customers can easily for one month and then the offer will expire by the operator. As well, a specific time is not existing for this offer. You can use 24 hours offer besides the remaining SMS balance check code mentioned below.

Activation Code Dial *121*15#
Remaining Balance Check Code *121*100#

Banglalink SMS Pack 2023

Banglalink 15 Days SMS Pack

In this offer, they are giving just only 200 SMS. The validity for this pack is 15 days.

Activation Code Dial *121*168#
Remaining Balance Check Code *121*100#

Banglalink 7 Days SMS Pack

If you want to activate this offer you can dial the given code and easily get this pack just in 7 tk.

Activation Code Dial *121*198#
Remaining Balance Check Code *121*100#

Banglalink 3 Days SMS Pack Details

For the duration of the 3 days,  You will get 30 SMS for 3 days in this offer. The activation code and the remaining sms check code are also given here.

Activation Code Dial *121*218#
Remaining Balance Check Code *121*100#

For the guidance of the customers who looking at the Banglalink SMS Bundle. Banglalink is a reliable network that is working in Bangladesh as well every day they introduce a bundle of offers for the facilitation of the customers. Moreover, the Banglalink SMS pack 30 days and the Banglalink SMS pack 2023 are one of the best packages that people are continuously using. If we discuss the charges the tariff rate of the SMS is not too much as compared to another operator. Furthermore, some of the packers have launched just for the students because the majority of the students are using SMS packs.

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