Benefits when you start using clear aligners than traditional braces

Benefits when you start using clear aligners than traditional braces

Technology has advanced in other areas, but people think traditional treatment is achieved by getting metal braces for orthodontics. It is understandable because many people have used or seen traditional braces. However, clear aligners have many advantages over regular braces when fixing imperfect smiles. The list will explain why more people choose clear aligners from Teeth Aligners from Dr Geoffrey Wexler than traditional braces.

It is invisible

When it is virtually invisible, clear aligners will give more of an aesthetic result because there are no prominent metal parts on the teeth. It is easier for patients to wear them around to other people or even during their daily activities.


Patients report that getting traditional braces can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful. There will be no metal wires or brackets with clear aligners where it can irritate your mouth. However, a series of transparent plastic trays shift teeth to their place over time. You will have to wear a set of aligners for two weeks before you change to the next one. Bite changes throughout treatment can result in temporary discomfort.


The benefit of clear aligners is their removable feature. As a patient, you can remove the aligners before you eat your meal and snacks, as there is no restriction on what you can eat during the treatment. The best about getting aligners is you can eat anything you like without breaking any wires or brackets.


When you have braces, you know how long they can take up when you go to the dental office. You must visit regularly to tighten the metal brackets on your teeth. The advantage of clear aligners is that your appointments for every one to two weeks to change your alignment trays are convenient because you can get customized aligners. The visits you do are for real-time checks on your smile. The convenience as a benefit makes aligner treatment the best choice for busy professionals who like to keep their smiles looking good without affecting their daily routines.

Faster treatment

This type of treatment can be faster than traditional braces because you only need to wear one set of clear aligners at a time. One of the benefits of clear aligners is that you don’t have to wait for your teeth to move with each new set of aligners. For some reason, clear aligners are the best alternative to traditional braces.

Good oral hygiene

You are restricted from flossing and brushing your teeth when wearing traditional braces. The advantage of wearing clear aligners is there will be no metal brackets or wires where you can floss and brush your teeth with no extra effort. It will protect your teeth from getting cavities during treatment and lessen the risk of gum disease.

Clear aligners are the best option for those who like straightening their teeth while maintaining a natural appearance. With the chance to drink and eat whatever you want and increased comfort over traditional braces. There is no wonder why many people choose clear aligners. When you are considering the treatment but are hesitant about braces, you have to consider getting clear aligners, and you will be surprised at how easy and effective it can be.

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