Best PDF Summarizer of 2023 Explained

In today’s busy life, nobody has time to read lengthy PDFs. That’s why PDF summrizers are a blessing. These PDF summarizers save you time, read long, complex, and boring PDFs for you, and summarize the main points for you. And if a PDF summarizer tool is AI-powered, that is cheery on the top. 

Although many PDF summarizers are available, we will discuss the highly efficient and smooth one. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Part 2. The Best AI-powered PDF Summarizer That Summarizes Lengthy PDFs Within Minutes

Every PDF Summarizer tool has its ups and downs, but today, we will introduce you to the PDF editing tool, which is all in one “UPDF”. Yes, UPDF. It’s an efficient all-in-one PDF editor that makes working with PDFs a breeze. 

It’s an all-around PDF editor which lets you edit, convert, and manage your PDFs. Moreover, UPDF has a ChatGPT-powered AI feature tool named “UPDF AI“. This tool not only helps you summarize your PDFs within minutes but also lets you chat with your PDFs. 

UPDF Features That Make it a Superpower PDF Summarizer

Powerful PDF Summarizer: UPDF’s AI features let you summarize lengthy and complex PDFs within a minute, that too with high accuracy. 


Amazing Chat with PDF Feature: Its AI chat mode allows you to ask a wide range of questions, spanning topics such as philosophy, science, art, and more, and it will provide you with insightful responses.

Helpful Rewriting Feature: UPDF’s AI feature lets you rewrite your PDFs based on your preference and customized request. 

Translate Files: UPDF AI also lets you translate your files into various languages. This also includes Chinese, Japanese, French, Korean, and more. And this will not be ordinary robotic translations. UPDF translates languages with high accuracy and language nuances.  

Enhance Creativity: UPDF AI chatbot also helps you brainstorm new ideas and write new content for your; that means no need to use ChatGPT at all. 

Part 3. How to Summarize PDFs With UPDF—the AI-Powered PDF Summarize?

Looking for an easy way to use the PDF summarizing feature of UPDF? We have got you covered. Here are the accurate steps to take for summarizing PDFs using UPDF.

Step By Step Guide to Summarize PDF Using UPDF

  1. Go to and download UPDF on your device. The tool supports various devices, including Windows, Mac, OS, iPhone, and Android. 
  2. As you open UPDF, click on the open file icon to upload your PDF. 
  3. In the lower corner of the right side, you will see a colorful icon. Click on it, and the UPDF AI feature will be activated.
  4. Click the Upload button to upload the opened PDF. UPDF AI will send you a summary of the whole document.
  5. If you want to summarize a specific sentence, paragraph, or page, just select the text and choose the Summarize assistant. UPDF AI will automatically generate a summary for you. You can save the summary with a sticky note.
  6. Alternatively, you can click on ASK PDF mode to chat with your PDF file. You can ask in chat to summarize your uploaded PDF, rewrite it, or even translate it into another language. 

Tip: How to Chat with UPDF AI using Chat Mode

Except for the summarization feature, UPDF AI also can respond to any questions you input. This feature isn’t limited to PDF-related queries; it’s akin to using ChatGPT. Here are a few questions that you can ask UPDF AI:

  • Recommend the best Chinese restaurants in Texas known for their exceptional dishes.
  • What is the nature of consciousness?
  • Find the value of y in the equation: 4y + 7 = 31. 

Part 4. UPDF—More Than Just an AI-Powered PDF Summarizer

So far, we have dissed UPDF as an AI-powered PDF summarizer. But there is more to it. UPDF is not just a PDF summarizer; it’s an all-in-one PDF editor tool. Here are other features of UPDF that make it stand out,

Other Features Of UPDF: 

Powerful editing tool: UPDF is not only a fantastic PDF summarizer, but it’s also an effective PDF editing tool. You can modify the text in your summarized PDF files using UPDF, modifying the font’s style, size, or color. Additionally, you can change links and images. You can also add background colors or watermarks to PDFs. 

Efficient PDF Converter: UPDF lets you convert PDF files to Word, Excel, CSV, PPT, Images, and more, and vice versa. 

The annotation feature: UPDF powers you with all the creativity. Using UPDF, you can also add notes or comments to your PDFs. This feature helps you draw the readers’ attention to the desired part of PDF files. 

OCR feature: Want to edit your scanned documents or images? No problem. Using UPDF’s OCR feature, you can make your images and scanned files editable and searchable. 

UPDF Cloud: UPDF Cloud is another useful feature of UPDF that enables people worldwide to work together on crucial document chores. In the meantime, iOS, Windows, Android, and macOS users can access this universal tool.

Part 5. Frequently-asked Questions About PDF Summarizer 

Q1. What website summarises PDF files?

There are many websites that summarize PDF files for you. But UPDF is the ultimate PDF summarizer as its PDF summaries are human-like generated summaries. The tool is smooth and easy to use and lets you summarize PDFs in bullet and paragraph form.

Q2. Is QuillBot summarizer free?

Quillbot summarizer has both free and paid plans available. You can use its free service, but it gives you limited numbers as well as a few features to use.  

Q3. Is there a free app that can summarize articles?

Yes, there is a free app that can summarize articles for you, “UPDF”. UPDF summarizes not only articles but also long-form ebooks, copies, and much more. 

Part 6. Conclusion 

So there you have it, an ultimate guide for the best PDF summarizer of 2023. Although many PDF summarizer tools are available in the market, UPDF stands out from the crowd due to its cutting-edge technology, accuracy, and efficiency. The tool works smoothly and is highly user-friendly. 

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