DIY App Creation: Building Apps Without Coding Skills

More than 75 billion apps and games were downloaded in the first half of 2023. This staggering statistic is just one more reason why your business needs quality apps.

The app development process can be easier than you think with no code app design.

As the name suggests, no code app development requires no coding. It’s even simpler than low-code development, which requires some coding skills.

Learn more about how to create an app without coding and the benefits of this development method.

How Does No Code App Development Work?

To create an app without coding, you’ll typically use a no-code platform. These platforms offer pre-built templates, visual editors, and other app development tools. You can drag and drop components to build your app.

Many no-code platforms divide the development process into three parts:

  • Structuring the database
  • Making the user interface
  • Building the logic of the app

The database holds the information people using the app will give and request. The user interface includes features like buttons and screens for user interaction. The logic tells the app what to do when a user takes a certain action.

Key Features in a No Code App Development Platform

You need an app development platform that meets the needs of your team. Most no-code platforms specialise in a certain app type, like mobile apps, business tools, or e-commerce.

Capabilities and Integrations

Different platforms support different development technologies. Common technology components include:

  • Data
  • User interface (UI)
  • Integrations
  • Business logic
  • Process and workflow

Look for a platform that allows the specific capabilities you want, like push notifications or integrations. Each platform will have a list of their integrations. You can verify if the ones you want are included.

User Interface

The platform should be intuitive to use. You can usually take advantage of a free trial to learn whether your team will be comfortable using the system.


You’ll want to customise your app to match your brand. This can include the layout, font, colour scheme, and more. The development platform should also give you some flexibility in the design itself.

Benefits of No Code App Development Tools

Using a no-code app design saves you time and money. It’s a good option in many situations.

Engineers, business analysts, and other members of your team can participate directly in creating the app. The final product will respond better to your specific business needs.

Traditional app development requires specialised IT personnel. With no-code solutions, you reduce your reliance on IT. You can save those team members for higher-value tasks.

You don’t need to hire additional developers.

Your time to market for apps is much shorter. You can create an app in hours or days instead of weeks or months. You can create iOS and Android apps with a single build.

Create an App with No Code Development

Almost anyone can easily create an app with no code app development. No code design streamlines the development process. You can save money and bring your app to market faster.

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