E-Passport Check Online Bangladesh By Passport Number / SMS

A passport is actually an official travel document that is issued by the government to its citizens. The document includes all the information about a person’s identity. The passport enables its holders to travel around the world to any foreign country via airplane. Here we will discuss how E-Passport check online Bangladesh by passport number / SMS.

E-Passport Check Online Bangladesh By Passport

Just like every other country Bangladesh has also issued a Passport to its citizens. The people visit the passport office and give all the required details for their personal passports. While the passport may take some time to come in hands of the individual. So the government of Bangladesh has launched a new online system for the citizens to check their passport status online. With the help of this system, the applicants will be able to check the current status of their passports. Bangladesh passport check by passport number/SMS, the applicants can use two ways.

  1. Check E-passport status via SMS
  2. Check E-passport status through the Online method

E-Passport Check Online Bangladesh By Passport Number / SMS

Required Documents:

  • To check the E-passport status the applicant will require two basic things.
  • The first one is the online registration or the application ID of the applicant.
  • The second one is the birth date that is mentioned on the national identity card of the individual.

Bangladesh Passport Check by Passport Number

The first method is to check the status via SMS. For that purpose, the person must open the messages bar of their phone. Then type START EPP and then write the application ID and then send the SMS to 16445 which is the number issued to the people by the government so that they can easily check their e-passport status via SMS. After a few seconds, the person will receive a text back with all the information regarding the status of the e-passport.
According to Bangladesh currency, 3 Taka is charged for sending the SMS. So the phone must have sufficient balance as well.

Check E-Passport Status through Online Method in Bangladesh:

The online method further has two ways. The first one is mentioned below:

  1. A person doesn’t have an account on the official website:

If a person doesn’t have an account on the official website as a citizen of Bangladesh then he will follow this method.

Open website To check the e-passport status online open chrome or any other browser and open the official website www.epassport.gov.bd.
Add Information A page will appear which will demand you to fill few mandatory pieces of information. The information may include the application ID or the date of Birth of the individual.
Click send After that, the option will show up and the person must tick beside the option that I am a human and click the next or check button.

A page will appear that will tell about the current E-passport status of the individual.

A person has an account on the official website:


The other method to check the online status is by using the account that a person might have made on the official website of Bangladesh as a citizen of the country. to check with the help of this method following steps must be followed:
1: Open website:
By the use of any browser open the official website www.epassport.gov.bd
2: sign in:
Once the website is opened it may show the option of signing in nearby. Then click on sign in or simply login.
3: Enter information:
Enter the email account used to make the official account and the password of that account. And check the I am human option to verify it.
4: Click on name and status:
After you have logged in, click on your name, and after that click on the button “status”. Now a person can check the e-passport status online.

E-Passport delivery time:

For the people of Bangladesh, there are three kinds of application variants depending on the delivery time. The delivery time of the E-passport is listed as follows:
It takes 15 days for a regular delivery
It takes seven working days for express delivery
And it takes 2 working days for super express delivery
It depends on the urgent need of the person and what time he can manage to get a password. Also, it may take a few additional days as well if the temporary and permanent address of the resident is in different places.

E-Passport Check Online Bangladesh help-Line:

If a person further faces any difficulty, he can also contact the regional passport office of Bangladesh. Or visit the page to send a mail to the officials. The link to contact the officials is given as EPassport Online Registration Portal (epassport.gov.bd)
The above-mentioned procedure will help the person to find E-Passport Check Online Bangladesh very easily. He must follow the instructions carefully and must avoid typing mistakes also you can check Bangladesh national identity card online.

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