Get to Know About Wadeema Law

Get to Know About Wadeema Law

In UAE, where family laws have been taken care of, the child rights are also taken into consideration in the legal system. Lately, a law on child rights, Wadeema Law was introduced. Under the law, the stress points were to safeguard the rights of the children, such as their living conditions, education and equal facilities. 

The law was named after a minor Emirati girl called Wadeema. She was starved and tortured by her father and his extra marital affair. Her body was buried in the Sharjah desert in 2012. Her death was taken by surprise for the Emiratis and, a new child protection law was deemed in the UAE. You can learn more here separately, about Lawyers having expertise in Child Laws.

Moreover, the Wadeema Law is a protection shield for the children feeling unsafe in the environment around them or abused physically and emotionally. They should not get tortured under any circumstances. In fact, smoking is not allowed in places where children are present. There are strict punishments for violating the terms of child protection law.

Though the family life in Sharjah is ideal for some people, however, there are children facing domestic violence at their homes. Under the child protection laws in UAE, the jury has allowed the childcare professionals to remove the children from those threatening households and conditions without asking their parents and the court. Those children are under the care of welfare associations made for children as rehabilitation centers.

The law is for children under the age of 18 years. It is applied in every household and to children, regardless of their nationality in UAE. Hence, the expats and UAE citizens are bound to respect the law. The penalties under Wadeema Law are strict and gives at least ten years of jail term to the person who has abused the child or created a harmful environment for their child.

The child protection law covers all aspects of a child’s life and their fundamental and social rights. A child can express their opinion without being pressurized by anyone. The employment of children is not allowed under 15 years of age. However, at the age of 15 years, employment terms should provide safe working conditions for the children. 

The thought-provoking Wadeema Law is a great step towards protecting child rights in UAE. However, the state has to work on the investigation process to report child abuse cases and apply the law accordingly. For better investigation, the law makers can talk to people interacting with children daily at home or schools. For example, teachers, doctors and maybe a relative witnessed violence with children in their houses. 

The legal system of the UAE has made it evident to protect the children and give them safe places to study and better living conditions. The parents are taken into confidence and given awareness about the new child protection law and how they can make a comfortable environment for their minors. It is evident that people in UAE are really happy with the new law and it may have also decreased the violence in the households.

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