GP 110 Minute Offer Code

Clearly, the GP 110 minute offer is now a customer favorite pack, whose code is also very simple. There are many benefits of this offer that will also point out in the later part. Overall, most users now prefer this pack over all others. Basically, it’s also known as 74 taka as these are the charges of this bundle. If one covers its benefits then the most attractive one is the number of minutes in this bundle. If the number will not use in the given period of time then they will automatically add to the next bundle if you will activate it again. Definitely, with this, the number of your minutes will increase more.  In case anyone will not reactivate this offer then the extra minutes will automatically end up from your account.

GP 110 Minute Offer Code

  • As I repeatedly said that GP 110 Minute Offer is currently a trending pack. There is little confusion regarding the validity of this offer, as this is for Seven 7 days but few people think that this is a 30 days offer.  Moreover, the activation detail of this one is:
Minutes Charges Activation Code Validity
110 Minutes Tk 74 *121*4403# 7 Days

110 Minute Offer Detail:

The, *121*4403# is a GP 110 minute Code. Right after dialing this code, the customer will receive 110 Minutes that is valid for GP to any other local operator number.  Another good aspect of this offer is that there is nothing hidden charges applied to this bundle on every call.

  • Offer Duration: Seven (7) Days
  • Bundle of Minutes: 110
  • Charges: 74 Takas

Note: The tax amount has already added up in this amount.

a best type of offer for minutes of the gp

Just, only users of Skitto can utilize this pack. So, they must need to come in the circle of criteria. Yes, it’s not a big deal, just without delaying activate and start getting benefit from it. Because from code to all other related stuff of GP 110 minute offer is easy and beneficial.


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