GP 3G 4G Internet Setting Code for Android

For the purpose of using the net on a phone, it’s necessary to have info about the GP 3G 4G Internet Setting Code for Android.  Nowadays, the internet is a need of every customer but most is confused about its setting. But now they will get their solution from this content. First of all, need to understand that these settings are specified for the Android operating system because it’s used on the majority of smartphones. When people buy new mobile then the setting is disabled. So the setting is necessary for every phone.

GP 3G 4G Internet Setting Code for Android

The first given table is about the GP 3G Internet Setting Code for Android 4.4.2. We try to elaborate it in detail; hopefully, it will help you to understand.

1. Firstly we will unlock the mobile
2. Secondly, we will select menu bar options
3. Thirdly choose and click the option of setting
4. Fourthly after clicking setting many options open
5. Then we will select the option of more
6. When we select the option “more” multiple options appear on the screen of mobile about SIM and networks.
7. Data network options will appear below the screen
8. After the selection of the data network, in the middle of the screen, Grameenphone option will appear
9. After selection, the internet setting is automatically enabled.

GP 3G Internet Setting Code for Android 5.0 and above:

The next one is GP 3G Internet Setting Code for Android 5.0 and above that is also very easy to understand and follow too.

1 We will select the setting option then we click on more option
2 Further, we will select ”cellular networks”
3 Then we will select the “Grameenphone”
4 After selection Grameenphone we will click on preferred network type select 3G

When 4G SIM card of other operators but the GP 3G SIM card at Slot 1:

For dual sim phone, the setting is different but it’s too not difficult to. If you follow this instruction carefully then things going smooth in no time.

1 Some people use a dual SIM phone, on such phones, E/G option will clear
2 If you scroll down a screen from the top then SIM cards option appear, so Click it.
3 Then Turn On the Data
4 By default, the 4G slot appears, so change it to the Grameenphone.
5 Then your data will come on GP settings and its sign will come on top.
  • Note: This all is official data so don’t worry and apply it.

in term of these setting

GP 4G Internet Setting Code for Android:

We are trying our level best to get the GP 4G Internet Setting Code for Android but failed to get it from any formal source. As we r trying to provide such reliable that why are we not updating any info that is not given on some officials. As this will reveal by some source of this network, definitely we will also inform u too.

Few users reset the phone for this purpose but reset is not a solution for internet settings. Yes, in some mobile internet settings depend on code on the other hand, in the few models of Smartphone features are totally change.

In various mobiles when you start it then without setting, the android system will not start running. So, now customers are worried about these types of options.

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