GP 500 Minute Offer 30 Days

For those who want tension-free call packs, GP 500 Minute Offer is recommended for them that is for 30 days duration. Yes, these numbers of minutes are enough for the call usage of a month. Furthermore, any restriction of timing is not addressed in the term, so one will call at any time during the 24 hours of a day. Another amazing feature of this bundle is that at the end of the month, the unused minutes will automatically move in the next one. But for this, it’s essential that you will re-activate it again. Subsequently, there is no limitation that you will call to same operator number or on the number of some different operators. The allocated charges and some other info like code are also conveyed to you through this text.

GP 500 Minute Offer Code:

A string *121*4415# is the GP 500 minute offer code. Just after a few seconds of dialing this string, one will receive a pack of 500 Minutes in the account.  Moreover, all prepaid users will subscribe to it except those who are using Flexi Load SIM and postpaid also don’t get benefits from it.

Data Price Activation Code Validity
500 Minutes + 512 MB Tk 318 *121*4415# 30 days
  • You can also subscribe to this offer for the exact recharge of Tk 318.

GP Minute Offer 30 Days:

Right now, two GP Minute Offer 30 Days are available. One of them has been discussed in this text, meanwhile, the second one is comprised of 330 minutes that are less than this one. That’s why its charges are also at low price.

  • 500 Minutes+512 Mbs at Tk 318

for the GP call use.

A thing that every user missed from this offer is the internet bundle. If some volume of the net will add to this, then surely it will become perfect. Although the option to buy any other net bundle exists with the GP 500 minute offer, it will charge separately.

If anyone wants a 100 Minute Offer from the GP then this opportunity is also present. The only issue with this bundle is the validity which is only for 7 days. So, if this will full fill your requirement then don’t hesitate to get benefit from it.

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