GP Combo Offer 2023 Pack Code

After understanding the customer need GP operator hair introduced the GP Combo Offer 2023 Pack code. So just dial the code and enjoy the different types of combo offer monthly. People are using many of the different offers for internet but now this is outstanding who fulfill the customers need. Becasue firstly customer just activate the internet offer and they activated the call offer separately but now they can activate the call, internet, and SMS under one offer. If we talk about the duration so the customer can use one month and after one month the offer will expire. Further, all the GP Combo Offers 2023 Pack Code is going to listen below.

GP Combo Offer 2023

After one time activate the GP Combo Offer 2023 people can use it without any tension for one month and then they will reactivate this offer. For the knowledge of the people till now GP has introduced the four type combo offer. All the offer with prices, duration, and activation process like code is available. Many of the other competitors are giving different offers but GP introduces the packages according to customer requirements. Many of the users who were moved to other networks now are returning back on this network.

Name Data Charges USSD code Validity
3.5 GB 3.5 GB (2.5 GB + 1 GB Bonus) +150 Minutes 149 *8*202# 7 days
3.5 GB 3.5 GB+250 Minutes 299 *121*4417# 30 days
8 GB 8 GB (6 GB + 2 GB Bonus) +300 Minutes 397 *121*3105# 30 days
12 GB 12 GB (6 GB + 6 GB Bonus) +350 Minutes 498 *121*3475# 30 days
20 GB 20 GB (15 GB + 5 GB Bonus) +700 Minutes 699 *121*3476# 30 days
35 GB 35 GB (25GB + 10 GB Bonus) +800 Minutes 799 *121*3469# 30 days
50 GB 50 GB+1000 Minutes 899 *121*3486# 30 days
50 GB 50 GB (4 GB + 46 GB Bonus) + 500 SMS+1600 Minutes 998 *121*4404# 30 days

GP 498 Taka Combo Offer

Price Minutes Internet Code Validity
498 Taka 350 Minutes 12 GB (6 GB + 6 GB Bonus) *121*3475# 30 Days

The first offer who have introduced by the company is mentioned in the table. When users will buy this offer then they get 350 Minutes along with 12 GB (6 GB + 6 GB Bonus) under the 498 Taka. The majority of the people do not know how to activate this offer. So the link mentioned in the table and clicks on the ” buy online” option and then you will enter your sim number and click on activate then your offer will activate and the company will detect the amount from your account. Your offer will activate.

GP 799 Taka Combo Offer

Price Minutes Internet Code How to Purchase
799 Taka 800 Minutes 35 GB (25GB + 10 GB Bonus) *121*3469# 30 Days

The second offer of the GP combo offer 2023 price is 799 Taka. But people are thinking that the strength of the minutes is low as compared to the 799 Taka offer. So we going to tell you the people, you will also get 35 GB (25GB + 10 GB Bonus). So just click on buy online and enjoy this offer.

GP 899 Taka Combo Offer

Price Minutes Internet Code How to Purchase
899 Taka 1000 50GB *121*3486#  30 Days

This is one of the expensive offers but this offer is suitable for business people who are doing long calls for the purpose of the business. Because when you activate this offer then you can get the 1000 minutes along with 50 GB data. Those who do not understand the procedure of the online activation now can dial the *121*3486# code because after dialing offer will activate. For those users who are going to activate the offer online now, they can pay the amount through bKash/Card/Others.

GP 998 Taka Combo Offer

Price Minutes Internet Code Validity
998 Taka 1600 Minutes 50GB *121*4404# 30 Days

The price of this offer is 998 Taka and GP Company is giving 600 minutes to the users for 30 days. On the other hand, People and students who are using the internet on a massive level now can get 50 GB Data for 30 days under this offer. For the guidance of the people, the code of this offer is mention in the table, and just dial the *121*4404#, and then the offer successfully activates.

Till now four combo offers have launched by the GP network for all the customers that are mention above the table. Furthermore, for the facilitation of the customer now you can buy all the offers from his page. Just click on the “Buy Online” button and activate the package. On the other hand, the specific code that has introduced by the company is available. You can dial the code and avail of the offer.

GP Combo Offer 2023 Pack Code

GP Combo Package 2023

Latest all the GP Combo Packages 2023 has declared by the operator and now for the facilitation of the customers, we have mentioned in the table along with complete details and description. Further, in the coming days they will announce the more combo packages and offer then we will update on this page and people ould enjoy. Buy online option is exist becasue sometimes customers buy online then they face a bundle of difficulties and just now they will click on the “Buy Online” option then the company will detect charges automatically from your account and your offer will activate.

GP Combo Offer Term & Conditions

  • Eligible users can avail of this offer and activate it through different platforms like activation code, MYGP, GP Official page, and GPAY Channel.

  • The duration of all the packs is 30 days. After 30 days offer will expire automatically.
  • Most important if your offer is near to finish and your minutes and internet MBs are remaining then you can the same package reactivate before the last date then all remaining MBs and minutes will add the next package. And if you activate after the last date then the company will not add your remaining MBS and minutes in the next package.

  • When you are going to buy Combo offer then you can pay the cash online like bKash or cards. Furthermore, if credit will available in your account then they will detect from the account. At the time of activation, you will select the payment method.

  • This offer is not available for Skitto users.
  • Customers can use the minutes for any local operator.
  • To check remaining MBs and minutes dial *121*1*2# and you can know the remaining data and minutes.
  • No auto-renewal is available while customers can do them manually.
  • All the taxes are included in these prices.

All the terms and conditions have mentioned and just those candidates will avail the combo offer who will meet the term and conditions.

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