GP ecare Call Details: My GP Account Login Sign up Registration

With pleasure, the GP officials are consistently testing different facilities for the easiness of customers and now they are introducing ecare service through which one can get call details and much more. But to get the benefit of GP ecare call details, the registration, and My GP Account Login Sign up is necessary to do. Before starting ecare, people were worried about SIM information. They did not know about the package that was using. But being the top telecom name of BD, they monitor all customers’ demands and had decided that now we will introduce this easy system where people can easily check credit and knowledge about a package. Now the online system has been launched by them and all members who are using GP they can make account easily on ecare and online website.

GP ecare Call Details:

For getting GP ecare call details, it’s compulsory to have My GP Account Login and info of sign up or registration. For this purpose, most of the customers do not know how can create an account on this specific app. One important thing, the option to create an account via the app and also through the websites are available.

My GP Account Sign up or Registration:

Some persons do not use smartphones, they can visit the GP official website and can create an account.  All steps are given under this table you can easily make the account.

Step 1 Firstly, you will visit the GP official ecare website
2 After browsing, we click on the right side on the top of the screen
3 The login option will appear and we click on login.
4 there are two option will appear on the screen
5 First option (Sign In) second (create a new account)
6 we will click on create new account
7 After clicking he will take some information about our SIM
8 We will provide First name, last name and SIM number
9 Then our account will create

After making an account, customers can check easily remaining balance, internet data, and information about upcoming packages. Adding that, customers can recharge SIM account and get knowledge about calling history.

My GP Account Login Via App:

The process to open My GP Account Login Via App is also really easy if one follows the overall process step by step. For the better understandings, we align it in the table.

Step 1 Firstly we click on the app.
2 After opening, there are two option will appear on the mobile screen.
3 First option (Sign In) second (Sign Up)
4 Sign in option for those customers who have already created an account on e care app.
5 Sign Up options for those customers who want to create a new account on ecare app for the first time.
6 New customers click on the Sign Up option.
7 After clicking he will take some information about our SIM
8 We will provide all possible information
9 Then password option will appear, we will create a password
10 Successfully our account will be created

to get a detail of gp for this one

Another imp thing to remember is that GP ecare is not only for the call details. After getting access to My GP Account Login, one will get info on each and everything of usage. So, overall there are massive benefits of these services that they integrate in the best possible way.


How can I get a call history from another phone?

Ans. Sometimes people forgot the mobile then they want to find the history of a call from another phone. Now, they can easily track the mobile phone through the internet while many apps are working. You will provide just a mobile number and you can easily track the date of the call.

How I check my call history?

Ans. Call history is available every time in your mobile but the majority of the people did not about the knowledge and they face difficulties. Now, you will just open your mobile and click on the call option. Where all call history is available.

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