GP Internet Offer 2021

There is a huge burden of user’s expectations on the shoulders of Grameenphone. Naturally, the GP Internet Offer 2021 gives them a sigh of relief that they tried to cover every need of their users in it. From duration to budget, different new services are adding in it to make sure that everyone who wants net on their phone will take advantage of it. Yes, a massive competition between telecom operators is observed in this country. So, to stay in this situation and to win the user’s trust it’s necessary to introduce better things from others. Obviously, this type of race is always good for this sector as it will grow more in the future.

GP Internet Offer 2021 Code and details:

  • The following table is defiantly having all the major stuff of these bundles. Even the validity and code for their activation are also given in them.

GP Internet Offer 2021 30 Days:

First of all, we sort out the offer whose validity duration is 30 days or easy to say that they will remain for one month.

Offer Name Code Validity Charges Volume
15GB at Tk 498 *121*3459# 30 Days 498 Taka 15 GB
5GB Internet Pack *121*3458# 30 Days Tk 299 4GB + 1GB 4G
 3GB Internet Pack  Online Activation 30 Days Tk 289 3GB
1.5 GB Internet Pack *121*3027# 30 Days Tk 247 1.5 GB

GP Internet Offer 2021 7 Days:

Next, we are arranging a table that covers the validity of 7 Days. So, if this will suit you then note down these codes. For this specific time spam, these are the ideal option.

Offer Name Code Validity Charges Volume
4GB Internet Pack *121*3344# 7 Days Tk 108 3GB + 1GB 4G
12GB Internet Pack *121*3133#  7 Days Tk 198 (10GB + 2GB 4G)
8GB Internet Pack Online Activation  7 Days Tk 148 (6GB + 2G 4G)
1GB Internet Pack Online Activation 7 Days Tk 89 1GB

GP Internet Offer 2021 3 Days:

There is only 2 option for 3 Days but these are also enough for the type of users and their interest. These are best for those who are not regular users of the net. For the ON and OFF usage, it’s really good to subscribe to any of them.

Offer Name Code Validity Charges Volume
2GB Internet Pack *121*3242# 3 Days Tk 54 2GB
3GB Internet at 67 Tk *121*3282#  3 Days Tk 67 3GB

For the info of remaining Net Balance, they have also a system through which one will gather the used one and also the left data.

the all net pack of the GP now

Overall, these all are the different attractive bundles that are the part of GP Internet Offer 2021. Moreover, maybe some new bundles will also come in the latter part of this year as the official will think that there is a need for it. But till now, this all is enough and give full advantage to the users.

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