GP Minute Offer List 2023

GP network is once a platform for those people that are conversant in daily routine but now GP Minute Offer List 2023 has released in the market and people are finding it. According to the market trend, people prefer those operators that proving amazing offers at the cheapest rate. In the field of trading, GP Minute Offer List 2023 is the biggest opportunity for calling. There are several offers like daily, weekly, and monthly available on the GP platform with different prices and people can select with their choice and according to usage. Several networks working in Bangladesh but till now no operator fulfills a need for customers except GP.

GP Minute Offer List 2023:

GP Minute Offer List 2023 is launched with multiple types but people will pay different charges according to the offer. All offers, customers can enjoy but some restrictions have been applying to GP customers. So we will discuss with complete detail about GP minute offer 2023 and all restrictions below the content.

GP 100 Minute Offer 59 Taka Code

We know that you are looking for the GP 100 Minute offer 59 Taka code because this offer has recently launched by the company for the facilitation of the customer. So people can spend the 59 Taka and then get the 100 minutes. On the other hand, the activation code has mentioned below the table and you can check them.

Minutes Charges Activation code Duration
100 Min 59 Taka *121*4205# 7 Days

GP 10 Minute Offer Code

Sometimes want to get this type of offer that will finish within hours because these types of offers are available at a cheap rate. So just put out the mobile phone and enter this code who have mentioned in the table then your package will activate and after 6 hours company will expire your package. Besides, when you spend the 6 Taka then you will get the 10 minutes.

Minutes Charges Activation code Duration
10 Min 6 Taka *121*4024# 6 Hour only

GP 23 Minute Offer 14 Taka

We know that you are looking at the 23 minutes offer in 14 Taka because Grameen phone has released this offer recently and many of the users who are using the Grameen phone network now avail of this offer. On the other hand, all the activation codes and charges are mentions with complete details.

Minutes Charges Activation code Duration
23 Min 14 Taka *121*4003# 16 Hour

GP 40 Minute Offer

Some people are doing the communication for a short duration so they can get the offer because the GP network is giving the 40 Minute to the customer under 24 Taka. Moreover, the duration of this package is 24 hours because after the 24-hour offer will expire automatically. So don’t think and avail this offer.

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Minutes Charges Activation code Duration
40 Min 24 Taka *121*4002# 24 Hour a day

GP 70 Minute Offer Code 2023

Latest offer who have announced by the Gp for the facilitation of the customers because now they are giving the 70 minute talk time to the customer for 4 days. Just only they spend the 44 Taka and then enjoy this offer.  Besides the activation code is given and just put the mobile the active this offer.

Minutes Charges Activation code Duration
70 Min 44 Taka *121*4003# 4 Days

GP 80 Minute Offer Code 2023

Firstly the company announces the just 80 minutes offer but now they are giving them some extra facilities because now they providing the 50 extra SMS packages. So when you will activate this offer then you get the 50 SMS package. Further activation code of this offer is mention in a table and you can use it for activation.

Minutes Charges Activation code Duration
85 Min + 50 SMS 53 Taka *121*4004# 7 Days

GP 125 Minute Offer 2023

Under 78 Taka you can avail the mindblowing offer especially those people who are using for the business purpose because sometimes people get the big offer but the offer will expire within hours. So the company understands the customer’s need and now they are introducing the 125 minutes offer for a week. Just dial the code that has a mention in the table and enjoy.

Minutes Charges Activation code Duration
125 Min 78 Taka *121*4026# 7 Days

GP 160 Minutes Pack Code

After the launching of the 125 minutes offer now they have launched the 160 minutes pack along with the activation code because sometimes customers get the offer after contact with a helpline representative. No need to go to the customer care center while just dial the code and your offer will start and you enjoy it for one week. After one week you can renew the offer and can change.

Minutes Charges Activation code Duration
160 Min 99 Taka *121*4006# 7 Days

GP 200 Minute Offer Code

GP 200 minutes offer code now exists and you can get it from this page. As well as this offer now exists in 117 Tka on the other hand you can use this offer for 10 days. Moreover, after 10 days when the offer will expire then you can reactivate and enjoy for the next 10 days.

Minutes Charges Activation code Duration
200 Min 117 Taka *121*4007# 10 Days

GP 300 Minute Offer 30 Days Code

Some people use the monthly package because they recharge the sim one time and then use the offer for a whole month. So GP 300 Minutes offer 30 days is now exist on this page and just dial the given code and then you offer will activate by the network.

Minutes Charges Activation code Duration
300 Min 199 Taka *121*4018# 30 Days

GP 500 Minute Offer 30 Days

The biggest offer for a long time talks now send the 310 Taka and available the 500 hundred minutes on GP network. Many of the other companies are giving different types of offers but this company is giving outstanding offers to the users according to need. Moreover, with the passage of time, they change the offer and introduced according to customers need.

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Minutes Charges Activation code Duration
500 Min 307 Taka *121*4208# 30 Days

GP 1000 Minute Offer

now the GP has come one of the biggest offers in the market For business person because the majority of the people talk with different merchants while sometimes they do the long call. Then they feel difficult because they want to get the biggest package. So now just dial the code that has mention below the table and activate the GP 1000 minutes offer.

Minutes Charges Activation code Duration
1000 Min 604 Taka *121*4209# 30 Days

Term & Condition.

  • Before availing of any offer, the USSD code is given against every offer.
  • Without code, the offer will not activate on your network.
  • Skitto users will not be eligible for these offers.
  • To check the remaining balance then you dial *121*1*2#.
  • Charges are clearly mentioned according to every GP minute offer 2023.
  • Against every offer, time validity is fixed by the company.
  • The user could use this minute on any local operator.
  • Customers can easily pay package amounts through ‘’Bkash and card’’.

GP Minute Pack Code 2023:

For the information of the people who are using the GP network now, you can get the GP Minute Pack code 2023. Because when they will announce the package and offer then they issue the specific code. So after dial code then offer activate. So all the GP Minute pack offer code 2023 has mentioned above separately along with all offers.

GP Minute Offer List 2023:

GP Minute offer list 2023 is now available and gets the difference at a cheap rate. On the other hand, those people who are doing the long call with friends and family now they can get the 1000 minutes offer. Because this is suitable for the GP users and if we talk about the amount so just you spend the 604 Taka while further, you can check the other offer according to need.

GP Minute Offer 2023 list

GP users can get all guidance while checking all the GP Minute Offer List 2023. GP Network has introduced the bundle of the package and offers so all the offers are different with different prices and just you dial the specific code your package will active. On the other hand when they will activate your offer then they send the confirmation on the customer register mobile number. Moreover when they announce more packages and offers then we will share them with you timely. So don’t worry and keep in touch with this page.

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