GP Missed Call Alert 2023: How to Activate or Stop Missed Call Alert in Gp?

How we can forget to describe the GP Missed Call Alert 2023 details because this is such an innovative service through which one will get the notifications of those incoming calls when your number is powered off for any reason. Oh, it’s amazing that through this one will call back to those numbers who are important ones. Yes, one will get a proper SMS of a number from whom one attempts to call you. Furthermore, the service of GP Missed Call Alert is completely free of cast for the postpaid customer. Meanwhile, the activation charges for the prepaid customer are also free but they need to pay a fee on the monthly bases that are also really reasonable. So, don’t worry about this regard and start to take benefit from it.

GP Missed Call Alert 2023:

The option of both subscription and even if want to unsubscribe the GP Missed Call Alert, and then this option also exists. Surely, its good the doors of this service are open that anyone who doesn’t like it, will easily leave it.

How to Activate Missed Call Alert in Gp?

  • A process that how to activate missed call alert in Gp? is possible through both call and SMS. So, one will pick any of the ways that you like more.

GP Missed Call Alert on Service Code:

Yes, 26222 is the GP Missed Call Alert on Service Code, just simply type START MCA and send it to the respective code. Meanwhile, if one will want to activate GP Missed Call Alert on call then *121*6*3*1# is the number and follow the given instruction of phone.

How to Stop Missed Call Alert in Gp?

  • It’s also not difficult to understand how to stop missed call alert in GP. Again one will do it via SMS or call too. Just follow the command and stop it.

a very good service

GP Missed Call Alert off Code:

Like few other services, the GP Missed Call Alert off Code is the same as it’s for ON. There is only a difference in the process to stop it. For this write STOP MCA in your text and simply send it to 26222. But to stop it on call, code is different that is *121*6*3*2# and listen to the given directions.


Its beauty of this services that everything is clear of it, as we already told that its activation is completely free of cast. The monthly charges are only applicable to the prepaid subscribers that are only (10 Taka + Tax) for a month. So, what are you waiting for, just activate the GP Missed Call Alert or if you are already using it and want to off it then how to stop it is also very easy. We r hopeful that now u understand this very fruitful service.

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