GP Robi Incoming Call Block Code

Sometimes one does not want to attend a number and the caller continually calls him or her then in this panic situation the GP and Robi Incoming Call Block Code is best to utilize. Simply this is the best feasible solution to block unwanted calls. This is a must service that mobile users are waiting for for years and finally, both of these top BD operators step forward and allow the users to have all right to receive any of the numbers or auto-reject, anyone, too. Furthermore, there are various options to activate this service; so don’t worry about this perspective because if u feel that the way is difficult then the second and even the third one is also there for this purpose. Hopefully, this text will also help you completely in this regards too.

GP Incoming Call Block Code to Activate this Service:

To activate the GP Incoming Call Block service, there are two code options. The first one is through the SMS code and the second one is the call through which one will also subscribe to it too. Both of these patterns are:

  • The code for SMS is 25678 but for this type a string of Start CB and send to a given number.
  • Second *121*6*4*1# is another pattern to dial to start benefiting from the GP Incoming Call Block service.

Apart from them, *111# is the third option but for this one must follow the instruction that will give to the callers. But this is also a path.


Through the GP Incoming Call Block service one will block any of the 10 numbers and the option to allow any of the 10 numbers is also given. This means if one will allow 10 callers to call you then all other numbers will block.

Moreover, in case one wants to add an 11th or more numbers then additional charges will apply. But, for this again limit of 20 numbers is there.

GP Call Block Service Charges:

For prepaid users, 7 Taka will charge for the time period of Seven days. Meanwhile, 30 Taka will charge for the postpaid users. In this amount, one will add Ten numbers.

For the next 10 numbers, the amount of 8 Taka will apply. And a specific amount of tax will also add in your bill too.

GP Incoming Call-Off Code 2023:

After knowing the GP Incoming Call Off Code 2023 which is 25678, it’s equally imped to follow the pattern that is different for every purpose.

GP Sim Call Block System Code for Blacklist:

  • For adding a number in the black list, simply type ADD and then give Space and later add Number and send this string to the code 25678.
  • To delete any of the numbers from the block list, just write DEL and a simple Space and further the Number. In the end, send this string to the specified code.
  • If one desires to change the black number, only type CH and after this Space, the Old Number followed by the Space, and at the end type the New Number. Send this string to the specific code.

How to Block a Number in GP Sim? Or GP All Incoming Call Block Code:

The second option of this service is to add a white list which means that only the added numbers are allowed to call you. Other than this, all numbers will not permit me to call you and they are blocked automatically. But, for this just follow

  • Just only type W ADD and add a Space and subsequently the Moreover, forward this to the 25678.
  • To subtract any of the numbers from the White list, the process is about the same as writing W DEL then the Space, and at the end, the number is enough to send at the nominated code.
  • At the end swap one number from the White list, W CH, next to this Space thereafter Old Number and Space, at last, the mention the New Number. Like the previous transfer, this one is to 25678.

now call block in the gp of course

How to Stop Call Block Service in GP?

  • Stopping the GP Call Block Service is not complex too. One will achieve this goal by typing the text Stop CB and then the code which you need to send is 25678. Or, secondly *121*6*4*4# is enough to stop it.

Robi Call Block Service Details:

Oh, Robi Call Block Service is more amazing than anyone else, because this one will also select any auto-response message to the blocked number. Meanwhile, there are a total of four ways through which users can control this service. Moreover, both options of blocking and allowing are also covered in this offer. Another noticeable thing is that freedom of 20 Numbers of both options is in your hand. So, these are double that of the previous operator. These four options are:

  • Via SMS
  • Through App
  • Through USSD
  • And also via Call let’s begin with

 Robi Incoming Call Block Code:

Yes, different from the GP, the Robi Incoming Call Block Code is 8181 but before adding a number to the black or white list, the subscription is very important. So for the activation, one has again 5 types of choices that are:

For 1 Day Simple Type a text START 1 and forward it to 8181
Two Days Again type START 2 and further convey to 8181
7 Days START 7 and the code is the same
14 Days START 14 and send on the same code
30 Days START 30 and forward on the same code

Further, the next things are to add a number in White or else in the blacklist and this is very simple:

  • For White List: Type ADDW and then Number and send it to 8181.
  • For Black List: The text is ADDB and the code is the same 8181 to send. Very Simple. Next, we have:

How to Block Number in Robi Sim through USSD?

A  more easy method to block the number is possible by just dialing *8181#. And again it will achieve for 5 duration that are:

For 1 day Activation *8181*1*5#
2 Days   *8181*1*4#
7 Days   *8181*1*3#
14 Days   *8181*1*2#
30 Days   *8181*1*1#

After the activation, whenever one will dial *8181#, the all menu like Block or Delete number and much more will inquire and you will pick anyone from them.

Robi Free Call Block Service Via IVR or Call:

Those who don’t like the above options can get Robi Free Call Block Service by calling at 8181. Then choose the subscription time and for this press anyone from the given table:

For 30 Days Press 1 after dialing 8181
For 14 Days Press 2
For 7 Days Press 3
Duration of 2 Days Press 4
For Duration of a Day Press 5

Following the activation, the next is to add or check the list, and for this again

  • For the Black list press 1 after the dial of code 8181
  • For the White list press 2 in response to the 8181 dials.

Robi All Call Block System Details Via APP:

One of the best ways for Robi All Call Block service is attainable through the app that is easy to download from the Play store. This is the modern and easiest way through which one will block any or all of the numbers and vice versa allowing or giving permission to call any of the numbers through Block callers and even through Allow callers options. Noting is complex in this option but you must have the internet and Smartphone as well and lastly, a bit educated too. Also, visit Banglalink Robi Missed Call Alert Service.

Robi Incoming Call Block Charges:

The charges for these services are reasonable and interesting too. If one will want it for 1 day then 1 Taka will charge and for 2 days, 7 days, and 14 days, the 2 takas, 7 takas and 14 takas will charge respectively. Whole for 30 days, only 25 takas will detect.

Daily 1 Taka
2 Days 2 Taka
One Week 7 Taka
14 Day 14 Taka
30 Days 25 Taka

the only call block in robi for sure

How to Stop Robi Call Block Service?

In every subscription way, the code to stop this service is also specified. In the ending phase, we must arrange a table of these all types of codes too.

Through IVR to Stop this Service Press 6 following the 8181 code
To Stop through the SMS STOP (1 or other times like 2, 7, 14, or 30) and send to 8181
With USSD one can also Un-Subscribe *8181*10*5# of one day and else *8181*10*4# of 2 days same just change *3#, *2# and *1# for other options too

At last, we completely conclude the GP and also Robi Incoming Call Block Code and all other related stuff of this service. Yet, these names are not left any of the stuff related to this opportunity, and also try to do justice with this topic too. Now we are looking for how much it will help you.

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