Home And Garden Equipment: Exterior Cleaning And Washing Services

Exterior cleaning is like clearing unused and can cause damage eliminated; everything that can cause damage to residential and commercial properties. An exterior cleaning service offered includes the house wash in Auckland to let your property turn back into how it looked before. Everything is freshened up to make your property look brand new again because it cleans external parts.

House washing service

A house washing service cleaning the exterior parts of the property, removing all these:

  • mold
  • mildew
  • dirt
  • grime
  • rust
  • soot

A home’s exterior surfaces use a combination of low to moderate water pressure, including:

  • specialized detergents
  • algaecides
  • surfactants

These cleaning products and materials can help maintain the exterior of the home or commercial building.

Soft wash a house

You can start clarifying between soft washing and water blasting; both techniques involve using a water blaster. But, the main difference is the products and pressure used. Water blasting is a kind of brute-force washing method that involves water only. The water is forced through a tiny nozzle hole that produces a strong force of water.

Water blasting is ideal for surface preparation and concrete cleaning. If you are using this kind of pressure washing the house, you will damage and force water into the materials you wash. It is not only softer, but it includes salt-based cleaning product applications that work a lot of work to cut through the following:

  • grime
  • dirt
  • mold

The salt-based product is used at the right strength; it removes stains and makes things look bright and clean. It doesn’t use powerful pressure or extreme brushing.

Pressure washing

If you think that soft wash is not enough for your house as it needs a powerful house washing service, pressure washing might be the right solution. Power washing and pressure washing are sometimes interchangeable, but they are different types of washing services. Power washing is cleaning exterior surfaces with pressurized water and a power washer. The system uses three primary water pressure settings, namely:

  • low pressure
  • medium pressure
  • high pressure

But, it can use mega-high pressure for:

  • jetting
  • drain cleanup
  • blowouts, etc

The high-pressure washing uses less water than the traditional garden hose since it pushes more air into the water. Most of the high-pressure washers use 3 gallons of water in a minute and reach up to ten yards a minute. But, soft wash systems begin at ten gallons and reach 30 or 40 gallons/minute.

Benefits of pressure washing the house

Do you wonder if pressure washing is worth it for your home? Well, you have a garden hose and spray outside the house, isn’t that enough? Pressure washing has a lot of benefits that most people would doubt. It is not about rinsing a little dirt off the siding and definitely can’t do it with the garden hose. 

Pressure washing can provide a thorough and deep cleaning that is more necessary than you may think. Pressure washing has a lot of benefits, such as:

  • Prevents damage
  • Saves money
  • Saves time and energy
  • Cleaner is safer
  • Boosts curb appeal
  • Increases the home’s value
  • Prime surfaces for renovation

Good cleaning prevents damage to the home and helps keep the family safe and healthy. 

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