Honda Civic 2023 Price in Bangladesh

Note down the latest Honda Civic 2023 Price in Bangladesh has been announced by the company. Further, the Honda civic was invented in the era of 80, and people like this vehicle from them. Recently, they have launched the 10 generations of Honda Civic with a new facelift. When Honda Civic launched the company arranged the ceremony in Dhaka and the big strength of the people see the look. But in few days this vehicle was spread with high range. The starting price of this vehicle is 3.4 Million rupees while there are four variants.  Further specifications and features have been mentioned as well as you can take the Honda Civic 2023 Price in Bangladesh.

Honda Civic 2023 Price in Bangladesh

Honda company has issued the prices of all the variants as well as this vehicle is started from 3.6 Million Rupees and closing on 4.5 Million Rupees. The company inserted multiple specifications according to variants because Honda Civic 1.8 I-VTEC is simple while Honda Civic 1.5 RS Turbo is fully loaded with the latest technology and specification. On the other hand, we have gathered the info about Honda Civic Car prices through different sources.

Honda Civic 1.8 I-VTEC 3,614,000/- BDT
Honda Civic 1.8 I-VTEC Oriel 3,614,000/- BDT
Honda Civic 1.5 I-VTEC Turbo 44,49,000/- BDT
Honda Civic 1.5 RS Turbo 45,64,000/- BDT

Honda Civic 2023 Price in Bangladesh

Honda Civic Fuel Tank Capacity

Honda Civic Fuel Tank Capacity is too much big. People can fill 50-liter petrol on the fuel tank. On the other hand, this is very helpful when you go on a drive. Mostly, in northern areas the petrol pump is limited then people fill the tank and drive without petrol tension.

Fuel Tank Capacity 50 Liters

Honda Civic Interior

No doubt, the interior of this vehicle is outstanding and fabulous according to expectations. The sitting space for passengers is too wide. All the basic things are available but some extra features have been installed in this car. To the knowledge of the people, the manual transmission does not exist in a new model of Honda Civic. two to four airbags were inserted for the safety of the passengers.

Honda Civic Interior

Honda Civic Fuel Average

Honda Civic fuel average is depending on variants because in some variants engine is not turbo but people can take around 12 to 13KM on average. Besides turbo engine is totally fuel-efficient because they are giving around 15KM on long drives.

Fuel Average 2 KM to 13 KM

Honda Civic engine

Two types of engines exist in Honda Civic but the majority of the people like the 1.8 Engine because this is the most powerful compared to the 1.5. Further, the engine is fuel-efficient while specification and features are high as compared to 1.5.

1.5 Engine 1.8 Engine

Honda Civic engine

Honda Civic Specification and Features.

Features and Specification

1.5 Engine

1.8 Engine

Front LED Headlamps

Trunk Spoiler with LED
Navigation System

Anti-lock braking system

Tire pressure monitoring system

Forward Collison warning
side curtain airbags

Front Airbags

Power Door Locks

cargo area light

Fog Lights

Paddle Shifters
Front Camera

Read Camera

Brake assistance

Electronic brake distribution

Traction control

Front Side Airbags
Cruise Control

Climate Control

Bluetooth connectivity


The price of all the variants is different. Two variants are existing in the 1.8 engine while two variants are existing in the 1.5 engine. On the other hand, Oriel, VTEC, Turbo, and RS Turbo are available. Honda company has closed the manual transmission in the latest model while all Honda Civic is the auto transmission.

All the specification and features of the New Model Honda Civic is mentioned as well as before buying this vehicle you can take all the information. Moreover, some people do not know about variants so firstly check the variants and then book this motor. People want to know about sunroof that exists but it depends on customers’ choice.

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