Honda NSX Price in Bangladesh 2023

Honda company is going to launch new sports car same like Ferrari across the world but now recently they have launched honda NSX car in Bangladesh. People are looking at the Honda NSX Price in Bangladesh 2023 that is 14,80,00,000 BDT. On the other hand, this is fully loaded with specs and features as well the outer look of this car is too gorgeous while if we discuss the engine that is 2,977 cc. In addition, this is fully protected with airbags for the safety of the passengers. Other info regarding, Honda NSX Price in Bangladesh 2023 is written on this page.

Honda NSX Price in Bangladesh 2023

For the information of the people, this is one of the cheapest cars in Bangladesh because this vehicle price has too much in the competition of BMW, Mercedes, and Other sports car. Starting price of this car is 14 Crore but if you increase the specs and features then the price will automatically increase.

Honda NSX Price in BDT 14,80,00,000 BDT

Honda NSX Price in Bangladesh 2023

Honda NSX Specs

Some specifications of the Honda NSX is going to be written below while in this car many variants and model has been launched. Further, gather some specs from this page.

  • Ultimate Rigidity
  • Sculpting Air
  • Sport Hybrid
  • SH-AWD

Honda NSX Interior

If we discuss the old variants that were fully manual while the latest variants that have recently been released that is auto. Moreover, just two people sit in this car besides in front dashboard they have inserted airbags while leather seats are installed. Many of the features have been installed in steering.

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Honda NSX Interior

Honda NSX Exterior

The exterior look is too fabulous because this car is fully sports and most important on the back side screen they have inserted the special type grill. As well you can open the roof. Side mirror has been made with unique style and company giving the Alloy Rim.

Honda NSX Exterior

Honda NSX Fuel Consumption

This is a sports car and people think that they consume high petrol but the company using the latest technology engine that is hybrid. Who gives good mileage to the customers? Further, this vehicle is giving a mileage of around 11KM under one-liter petrol.

  • 11 kmpl is fuel mileage

Honda NSX Engine

Honda NSX engine capacity is 2,977 cc that is the biggest. In this sport, a car engine has installed in front because sometimes when a company makes the car then puts the engine on the back side.

  • 2977 is Engine Capacity

For the information of the racers who are seeking the best racing car. Now you can take the Honda NSX car and enjoy. Moreover, the Honda NSX Price in Bangladesh 2023 is mentioned on this page.

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