Honda X Blade 2023 Price in Bangladesh of Double Disc abs, Single Disc

From the stylish look to extraordinary drive, this motorcycle provides a complete package to the riders of BD. While the Honda X Blade 2023 Price in Bangladesh for both Double Disc abs bikes is higher than the Single Disc. Yes, the rate is varying on the bases of this major feature of the disc and obviously, this is one of the backbones of any bike road grip. Other than this, the all other specs of the Honda X Blade are about the same. So, for those who like to speed then they must think about this difference.

Honda X Blade 2023 Price in Bangladesh:

Yet, there are two ranges of Honda X Blade Price in Bangladesh, whose differentiation is elaborate in the start of this text. Most of the interested buyers are also well aware of it.

Honda X Blade Double Disc abs Price in Bangladesh 2023:

The option of ABS is only attached to the double disc. Probably, they are complimentary with each other. From grip to instant stop of the bike, the abs double disc shows its work.

Honda X Blade abs Price in BD 2023 Approx. 2,15,500 BDT
Honda X Blade Double Disk Price in BD 2023  2,11,500 BDT

Honda X Blade 2023 Single Disc Bike Price in Bangladesh:

Definitely, the price of single disc Honda X is more economical than the above variant. Those, who don’t afford the double disc, must pick it without any tension. As other options are about some of these two.

Honda X Blade Single Disk Price in BD About, 12,15,500 BDT

the honda x blade color of it

Honda X Blade Colours in Bangladesh:

  • Total 3 colors of the Honda X Blade are selling now in BD. Every of them are better than other. As well as, it covers about every colour demand of the buyers. These are:
No, 1 Most hit one is Spartan red
No, 2 Second is, Green Metallic Color
No, 3 Third is Metallic Marvel Blue

Honda X Blade Mileage per Liter in BD:

Apparently, it’s hard to believe the mileage of Honda X Blade as it covers close to 44 Kilometer in a liter of petrol on the roads of BD. With such capacity, this is very good average.

Overall, average is around 44 KM per Liter that varied with the drive

Honda X Blade Specification BD:

  • Here, the Honda X blade is with fully equipped specs that this motorcycle has in other countries. Few major of them are:
Body Measurement In inches, these are 79.6*32.3*48.5
Tyres Both are tubeless
Front and Back Brake Front one is petal disc And Back one is Drum or also Double disc with ABS
Height Light It’s, Robo Face LED light
Seating Capacity 23 Inches


This comprehensive review of honda x blade in Bangladesh will assist many of new purchasers. From the double disc abs or other Honda X Blade 2023 Price in Bangladesh with the mileage or colors bf, every factor is trying to write. If we missed anything, then we say Sorry for it.

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