How to Make Money on Artificial Intelligence

The global AI market is projected to be worth $190.61 billion by 2025, according to analytics platform SEMrush. Consequently, the labor market will increase demand for those with the skills needed to apply AI. They will be able to work with the most prestigious companies on intriguing technology initiatives around the world, opening up new opportunities for income and career growth.

Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used in technologies used by leading industries:

  • IT
  • financial management
  • medicine
  • education;
  • advertising business, etc.

Leading companies in various sectors of the economy are increasingly focusing on AI. They’re moving beyond the testing phase. Plus, they focus on quickly putting machine learning into practice. There are ways available to you to get the most out of this process.

Where to Begin?

Basic knowledge of technology and programming language will help you get started with AI in the information technology industry. First, you will need to master a programming language. You’ll need to work with different frameworks. And learn how to write different codes to solve problems.

However, in many other industries where AI can be applied, you will only need user skills. Complement these with consistent efforts to increase your online visibility. Consider investing in online marketing. Create a free e-commerce website and sign up for freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and the like. This will easily make your personal branding efforts on social media worth the effort.

Once you feel you have the necessary training, try one of several ways to benefit from working with artificial intelligence.

Develop a Simple AI Application

Earn money by creating an AI-driven application for monitoring social media, chatbots, etc. To do this, you need to develop a paid application in which users pay to access exclusive content. Android and iOS app sales totaled $133 billion in 2021 combined. Some estimates show that subscription apps generate more revenue than other sales in the segment.

You can make your app available on multiple platforms (desktops, mobiles, tablets, etc.). You’ll reach a wider audience and make a difference in users’ lives. Additionally, there is the option of choosing an open source development platform. Flutter for example. The goal is to reduce costs and resource dependency. By using Flippa to sell your app, you’ll make money right away.

Try to target a specific market niche and apply audience data to create profitable apps.

Become a machine learning educational content creator

Machine learning is a relatively new field of research with very few experts. So offer tutoring to students and business professionals if you have enough knowledge.

Use online learning platforms like Coursera and Udemy to create and sell your own courses. Alternatively, start your own YouTube channel. Think about developing a course to educate the public about advances in AI. You can also host webinars and provide practical knowledge to machine learning enthusiasts for a fee.

Nowadays many websites use AI. On, you’ll get an amazing gambling experience and discover how smooth it goes when AI is handling the chatbot!

Become a Freelancer

Another way to use your machine learning knowledge is to make money through freelancing.

There are online marketplaces for the most qualified freelance machine learning specialists. Successful companies are looking to hire them. To get freelance contracts, you usually need to pass a series of tests, but it’s worth putting in some effort to get good fees.

Another opportunity to earn money as a freelancer is to complete tasks on online platforms. The goal is to create training data for AI, such as various photographs including selfies, short videos, voice recordings, etc. The benefit of these jobs is that you maintain and improve artificial intelligence systems. But you don’t need any programming skills to do so.

And finally, neural networks created on the basis of AI are excellent assistants for authors of various Internet content (text, illustrations, music, videos).

Use AI-Powered Social Media Features to Increase Sales

Many companies are using AI to drive growth by attracting and retaining customers. Even social media platforms are using machine learning to improve user experience.

One of the many benefits of AI in social media is a customizable news feed tailored to suit user tastes. Thanks to this, the platform shows ads with a higher chance of conversion. Machine learning can analyze a user’s behavior. It can determine the best course of action based on their interests, career, and personality.

Pinterest also offers recommendations created by recognizing things in photos using Computer Vision. This machine learning application collects useful data from videos and photos. In addition, it provides recommendations for related contacts, tailored to the specific user.

This is useful for businesses who want to promote their products on Pinterest. You can help their business by characterizing the item in a way that makes it searchable. The faster and more convenient the search, the more often people visit the company’s resources. Which leads to increased sales.

Generating Rich Data Using Artificial Intelligence

A great way to make money with AI is by offering AI-driven data. Businesses need such information to make decisions. And since AI can easily produce huge amounts of data, try extracting and selling it.

Artificial intelligence works like the human brain. It can understand audiovisual elements and also adapt to new knowledge. The AI system uses comparable training and dynamic data obtained from different sources. Rext, audio and video.

Access to such data is expensive. But you have the opportunity to monetize it by selling it to research foundations and science-related businesses. However, you may require the services of third party agencies to ensure confidentiality, security, accountability, accuracy and reliability when transferring data for money.

Financial Applications and Predictive Analytics

Your experience and knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence can make money in the stock market, increasing your chances of making a profit. Machine learning helps predict when to buy or sell certain stocks. It can even recommend a winning bet on a sporting event.

You can charge money to online bettors and stock market investors if you have a track record of making reliable forecasts with a small margin of error. It is convenient to obtain the necessary data using the API in Python. This makes it possible to make stock market forecasts based on historical trading performance and generate a query to predict future purchases and sales.

You can use similar skills yourself by participating in stock trading or placing bets.

To Summarize

Mastering the business aspects of AI is quite easy, as there are a large number of online courses and master classes taught by recognized experts. Registering on relevant platforms helps sharpen your knowledge and prepares you for activism.

Thus, acquiring key skills in AI can provide you with new opportunities in the near future. Once you are confident enough in your knowledge, start with any of the activities mentioned above to stimulate personal and financial growth.

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