How to Transfer Balance and MB Internet Data from Banglalink to Banglalink?

Certainly, BL feels proud since the time they offered to share even internet data among the user. So, how to transfer balance and MB internet data from Banglalink to Banglalink? is worked through two different methods. Both of these ways are elaborately described online, so don’t worry and stay with this article. Here we think that it’s our responsibility to mention that Banglalink is the first one who provides the option to transfer MB in between their satisfied customers. Still, their all other competitors only provide the service of share balance and even their user are also demanding for the net transfer option but they are struggling to integrate with the network.

How to Transfer Balance from Banglalink to Banglalink?

To send the credit, it’s mandatory to follow the steps that how to transfer the balance from Banglalink to Banglalink. For this, the first step is that generate a pin number that is important to enter at the end of the balance transfer. Further, we try to explore the entire process step by step:

  • To Generate Pin:
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5
Note *1000# is a code to Dial Choose the “Balance Transfer” Option Set Up Pin Option Come New Pin Come Confirm this New Pin and Final Message Pop Up
  • To Transfer Balance:
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5
Again *1000# is the same code Select the “Balance Transfer” Option Enter Amount Enter the Number on which u want to Transfer Send the Pin u Generated
  • For the Purpose to Change the pin for the next transfer:
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5
The code is *1000#. This time option is Change Pin Then Current Pin is Required Now select the New Pin At the end Confirm the Pin

The limit to send the transfer is 500 Taka for day one will send in a transaction of 10 Taka to 100 Take in a single attempt. Meanwhile, the amount limit to send in a month is 1000 Taka.

How to Transfer MB Banglalink to Banglalink?

The transfer method of MB or the internet is not as lengthy as the balance transfer. With only a code, one can attain gift internet data to a friend. Its process is given as:

Banglalink MB Transfer 2023:

Yes, *5000*55# is the code for Banglalink MB transfer 2023. Moreover, there are different volumes of internet data that one can transfer and there is also different validity duration of this data. But, there are no specific charges of this service. In a day, one will make only one transaction.

a net offer bl is now

Another way to transfer Banglalink to Banglalink MB Transfer, type the “the number on which u want to send internet data <space>25MB (volume of MBS)” and then after the completion of this string forward this message at 5000. Oh, this is an easier way for this need. Trying our best to convey info that How to Transfer Balance and MB Internet Data from Banglalink to Banglalink? And expect that you will get it and enjoys their all services.

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