How to Transfer Balance from GP to GP? Code for GP MB and Minute Transfer

Every user is happy from the time, he got to services of sharing phone credit. Furthermore, the way how to transfer the balance from GP to GP is easy to do with a code for the transfer purpose of GP internet MB and minute. With the coming of every day, the ration of sharing balance is increasing by customers because this is equally beneficial for families’ friends and university fellows. Previously, the only option is the recharge in case of ending the balance so even sometimes the recharge option did not exist then everyone feels that how important this service is. This is not a big problem now because of its solutions comes.

How to Transfer Balance from GP to GP?

Sometimes, users want to get knowledge about Code for GP MB and Minute Transfer sends the balance into another network, so they cannot use the same method while GP operators have introduced some specific digits. Now we will discuss some points about Code for GP MB and Minute Transfer.

  • This code *121*1500# is necessary for send balance to another mobile number.
  • After dialing this code multiple options will appear on your mobile screen
  • Then you will press 2 buttons and follow the instruction.

The method of how to transfer a balance from GP to GP is simple like in which you recharge credit and after follow on instructions you can easily utilize a balanced amount with friends and family. If you do not want to face any problem then these steps are necessary known for you.

  • Give a receiver mobile number.
  • The confirmation number.
  • Give the amount who wants to send.
  • Again check the amount for confirmation.
  • For transfer a pin code is given for authorization.

All instructions have been described and after implementation of these steps, people can share the balance while the most important news has announced for GP customers just only new customers can get benefits from his offer. If existing customers want to avail of this option then the new GP SIM is necessary.

GP balance share code


At last, the way for how to transfer balance from GP to GP is trouble-free through which sending of GP MB and Minute will complete just in a second. So, we must appreciate them too.

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