January Comes In EVE Online With Havoc Updates And Vanguard Play Test

The first 2024 update for EVE Online includes the introduction of the ambition modifier and updated Pirate Insurgencies in Havoc and Vanguard play tests.

Check out the eve online market on U7Buy for the best EVE ISK prices, discounts, and irresistible offers! EVE Online, everyone’s favorite space MMO, has ambitious plans for 2024. Luckily, we caught a glimpse into the future. The developers shared this year’s roadmap. Two upcoming expansions, Vanguard play tests, and more are about to happen. We can expect new content in the second quarter of the year. The first quarter is occupied with a Havoc update and Vanguard test runs.

Pirate Insurgencies Updates in EVE Online Havoc

Havoc is the latest EVE Online expansion. It went live a few months ago in November 2023. Players welcomed the new content with open arms. They were happy for the chance to side with the pirates or go against them. That’s why, one of the most important aspects of this update is Pirate Insurgencies improvements. Visual updates and NPC alignment modifications are on the list as well. The ambition modifier is a feature that changes the number of points that players need to win an insurgency. This feature is now part of the Havoc expansion. It will have an impact on the requirements for future victories of the side that constantly wins insurgencies. Long story short, it will become increasingly harder for a victorious side to acquire wins. The aim is to bring balance to the corruption and suppression. The more challenging it will be to win insurgencies, the more rewarding the victory will feel. Players have better oversight of the status of systems. They can use a filter to the new and classic maps to identify suppression and corruption in insurgency systems. The main insurgency system has a pirate FOB with various info. Players will be able to keep an eye on corruption and suppression levels and the ambition modifier level. This will offer a better view of the status of the system. The update introduces pirate banners to the stations and star gates in the corrupted systems. These will make the experience more immersive.

EVE Online Vanguard Play Tests

The release of the Havoc expansion allowed players to pick a side: Guristas or the Angel Cartel. They had the opportunity to unleash corruption in systems. As a result, the players aligned with the Commando Guri will not be under fire anymore from the H-PA29 patrols. If you are with the Malakim Zealots, you will benefit from the same treatment when you find yourself in G-0Q86 and Turnur. The Havoc expansion offers plenty of things to do, but don’t forget to check out EVE Vanguard when you have the chance. Access to the play tests is restricted to Omega players. There will be monthly play tests that allow members to see what this new game is all about. Make sure to check out the detailed Vanguard roadmap featuring a monthly schedule until June. The release date has not been announced yet. More info will likely be available in a few months. At U7Buy you can buy eve online isk from a professional seller with an impeccable reputation!

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