Lifan k19 Price In Bangladesh 2023

Lifan k19 is a newly launched motorcycle and people are interested to know Lifan k19 Price In Bangladesh 2023. Lifan is an automobile manufacturer and civilian company in China. It was founded in 1992 but it started to manufacture its bikes in the year 2005. The company produces dirt bike engines, passenger cars, commercial trucks, and also mini vehicles and bikes. Along with these vehicles they also manufacture sports shoes and also in work winemaking.  The company today has launched many successful vehicles like Lifan k19, Lifan k19 Price In Bangladesh 2023 set according to its features and specifications.


Lifan k19 Price In Bangladesh 2023

The price is set by keeping the structure and specifications in mind. The bike provides more advanced features. The bike is recently gaining fame in Bangladesh. The people can though afford it but once taken, the customer for sure going to enjoy its ride in the long run.

Lifan k19 265,000 BDT(Approximate)

Lifan k19 Price In Bangladesh 2023

Lifan k 19 specifications:

The company is nowadays becoming famous for its passenger cars. And within China, the Lifan bikes have won Road Racing championships around 17 times. Following are the specs of Lifon K19.


⦁ The engine of the bike has a displacement of 160 cc.
⦁ Its maximum torque is 13.5 NM @6500 RPM.
⦁ The maximum power of the bike is 14 BHP @8500 RPM.
⦁ The engine type of the bike is a single cylinder, water-cooled, fuel injection, 4 stroke.
⦁ The bike has a wet-multi plate clutch.
⦁ It has a water-cooled cooling system.
⦁ Fuel type is petrol and fuel supply is through fuel injection.
⦁ The compression ratio of the engine is 11.4:1.
⦁ It has one cylinder and two valves.
⦁ It has a 6-speed gearbox.
⦁ It has a bore of 58.5 mm.
⦁ Its stroke is 55.5 mm.


The detail of the dimensions of the bike is as follows:

⦁ The length of the bike is 2230 mm
⦁ The width of the bike is 910 mm
⦁ The height of the bike is 1090 mm.
⦁ The saddle height is 710 mm.
⦁ The wheelbase of the bike is 1500 mm.
⦁ Kerb weight is 160 kg.
⦁ The fuel capacity of the bike is 14 liters.
⦁ The ground clearance of the bike is 145 mm.


The bike has the following advanced electrical features that make it noteworthy.
⦁ It has an LED headlamp.
⦁ It has an LED tail lamp.
⦁ Its headlight is 12 V 35/35 W.
⦁ The battery capacity of the bike is 12 V.

Brakes and Tyres:

⦁ The front brake is disc type.
⦁ The rear brake is drum type.
⦁ The front tire size is 110/90-16.
⦁ The rear tire size is 130/90-15
⦁ Both tires are tubeless
⦁ Both wheels are made up of Alloys.

Additional Features:

⦁ It has a digital speedo meter.
⦁ It has a digital trip meter.
⦁ It has an analog tacho meter.
⦁ It has a digital odometer.
⦁ It has a low fuel indicator.
⦁ It also has a pass light.

Lifan K 19 Suspension and Speed of Bike:

Suspension is actually a system that is used to suspend the rider and the bike so that they can be insulated through the roughness.
⦁ The suspensions The front suspension of the bike is telescopic.
⦁ The rear suspension of the bike is a dual shock.
The speed of the bike plays a very cardinal role to determine the performance of the ride. The better the speed the better the ride is.
⦁ The maximum speed of this bike is 110 KM/H.
⦁ The real mileage of the bike is 50 kmpl.

Lifan k19 colors:

The bike comes in different colors which are as follows:

  • Camellia Red/Matte Black
  • Pearl White/Matte Black
  • Shimmer Black/Matte Black


The bike has got a total of 4.5-star reviews out of a total of 5. The customer really seems happy with the performance of the bike. The maintenance cost of the bike is very reasonable which is the major cause that customers really seemed satisfied with the bike. The engine of the bike has also got no complaints but rather an appraisal that it really works well. The customers have started to place the bike on their preference list.

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