Nagad Cash Out Charges Per 1000 Taka Per Day

Nagad users don’t know about nagad cash out charges here we will explain how to create an account and the charges on cash withdrawal. Nagad is a digital financial service in Bangladesh country that facilitates the citizens of Bangladesh for daily transaction needs such as cash out, cash in, and sending, or receiving money.  Mobile charges or even to pay bills. It is a kind of mobile application that is making life easier for people as they are making transactions with the best benefits. Nagad cash out charges depend on the user amount, and how much they want to cash out. The journey of this service started on march 26, 2019. Today around 5.5 crore people are using this service.

Nagad Cash Out Charges

If users want to send money from one account to another through the app then the app will charge approximately 10-13 taka and the USSD charges are around about 15 taka. Nagad cashout charges calculator is also available, Click here to use nagad cashout charges calculator.

Nagad Cash Out Charger Per 1000 Taka Per Day

How to create Nagad account?

To use Nagad first a person has to download the application and create an account. For creating the account, the following steps must be followed:

Step 1

Open the application and scan the national identity card and enter the required information.

Step 2

Take your own selfie and add your digital signature.

Step 3

After that, the account will ask for a pin code and add a pin of four digits which you can use later to have easy access to the account.

Nagad cash out charge rate?

The application provides different services as mentioned above as cash in, cash out, etc. The procedure to withdraw cash is easy. The withdrawal of money from the application definitely charges few money according to the currency of Bangladesh. It has the lowest cash-out charge for the regular customers of this application. The charges are listed below:

Cash-out charge per 1000 taka using nagad regular application 9.99taka.
cash out charge per 1000 taka using nagad Islamic application 13.05 taka
cash out charge per 1000 taka using nagad USSD 13.05 taka

How to cash out from nagad account?

There is a certain procedure to cash out by using the application. Following instructions must be followed:

1: Visit Nagad Uddokta Point:

As a customer, visit the nearby Nagad Uddokta Point in your area.

2: Log in to the application:

The account must be created, by using the information and the pin code log into the account or dial *617# and select the option of cash out.

3: Scan The code:

After logging in, scan the QR code or type the number of Uddokta carefully.

4: Enter the amount:

After scanning the code, enter the amount that you want to cash out and also enter the pin code carefully which must be secretive.

6: Confirm Transaction:

After the transaction is done, a message may appear on the screen that money had been transferred. Confirm that the transaction is done.
Once the transaction is done, sign the register before leaving.


The application is doing really great as it keeps on offering incentives to its customers. Sometimes 10% or 20% off on the charges. It grabs the attention of the customers and lets them be part of this vast and beneficial service. The service has really benefited its users and people are happy with it. In this article, we explain well how to create nagad account, Nagad cash out charger per 1000 taka per day and how to cash out from nagad.

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