Neil Simon Theater Seating Chart

The Neil Simon Theatre is an iconic Broadway venue located at 250 West 52nd Street in Midtown Manhattan. Originally opened in 1927 as the Alvin Theatre, it was renamed after famous playwright Neil Simon in 1983. With a seating capacity of 1,372 across the orchestra and mezzanine sections, the Neil Simon Theater Seating Chart is an intimate yet spacious setting to enjoy hit Broadway shows like the current long-running musical “Hadestown”.

Neil Simon Theater Seating Chart

Venue Overview Neil Simon Theater Seating Chart

The Neil Simon Theatre has a rich history, having hosted numerous acclaimed Broadway productions over the past century. Designed by architect Herbert J. Krapp, the auditorium features a traditional proscenium layout with an orchestra section and rear mezzanine. The theater was renovated in 1990 and 2002 to upgrade amenities while preserving its elegant neo-Georgian interior.

Today, the Neil Simon Theatre has 1,372 seats across two levels:

  • Orchestra: 691 seats
  • Mezzanine: 681 seats

The orchestra section is closest to the stage and offers the most immersive experience. The mezzanine is elevated and gives you an overhead view of the production.

Neil Simon Theater Seating Chart: Which Seats Offer the Best View?

The best seats at the Neil Simon Theater Seating Chart are widely considered to be in the center orchestra section, specifically rows A-F. These seats are closest to the stage and provide direct, unobstructed sightlines for optimal viewing. Many reviewers particularly highlight seats 107-110 in row A of the center orchestra as the “golden seats” in the house, though they also come with premium pricing. The front mezzanine rows A-D also offer excellent elevated views for a slightly cheaper price point.

Neil Simon Theatre Capacity

  • Total capacity: 1,372 seats
  • Orchestra capacity: 691 seats
  • Mezzanine capacity: 681 seats
  • 6 wheelchair-accessible locations
  • Space for standing-room-only tickets

The Neil Simon Theatre features a large orchestra pit that can displace up to 26 seats if utilized for particular productions

Neil Simon Mezzanine Capacity

The mezzanine section of the Neil Simon Theatre capacity of 681 seats.


States that the mezzanine has “a total of 627” seats.

Mentions that the mezzanine “has a total of 627, making it almost as big as the orchestra” section.

5 Indicates the Neil Simon Theatre “has 1,467 seats across two levels”, with the mezzanine comprising one of those levels, but does not give an exact number.

Specifies that the mezzanine capacity is 681 seats.

So in summary, the mezzanine capacity is most consistently reported as 681 seats across the search results.


Neil Simon Mezzanine Guide

The mezzanine is divided into left, center, and right side sections spanning rows A through U. An aisle runs along either side wall. The front mezzanine rows A-D are widely considered prime seating, with direct sightlines of the stage. The mezzanine overhangs the rear orchestra section by a few rows but does not have any balconies above it.

Views are largely unobstructed, especially from the center section. The corners of the left/right mezzanine may have angled views into the wings.

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Neil Simon Theatre Orchestra

The orchestra section is divided into left, right, and center sections spanning rows A to F. The center orchestra has seats 101 to 114 for optimal viewing. Row A in the center orchestra offers a close, intimate perspective for observing small details and facial expressions. The front row may require looking up at times.

The furthest rear corners under the mezzanine overhang (row F) can have slightly limited views of the full stage. The orchestra offers a more immersive, dynamic experience given its proximity to the performers.

Neil Simon Theater Seating Chart

How to Buy Cheap Neil Simon Theatre Tickets

Here are some tips for getting affordable tickets to see at the Neil Simon Theatre:

Enter the Digital Lottery

  • Lottery entries are accepted daily online
  • Winners pay just $42.50 per ticket

Standing Room Only Tickets

  • Sold for $39 at the box office
  • First come, first served
  • Great last-minute option

Get Discounts at TKTS Booths

  • Up to 50% off full-price tickets
  • Times Square & Lincoln Center locations
  • Day-of and advance purchase options

Join Audience Rewards

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  • Pay as low as $99 per ticket
  • Other membership perks

Look for Promo Codes

  • Check the site for special deals
  • Sign up for newsletters

What is the seating capacity of Walter Kerr Theatre, New York?

The Walter Kerr Theatre has a total seating capacity of 975. The breakdown is:

  • Orchestra: 692 seats
  • Mezzanine: 283 seats

Where Can I Get Discounted Neil Simon Theatre Tickets?

Here are some of the best ways to get discounted tickets for shows at the Neil Simon Theatre:

  1. Enter the production’s digital ticket lottery or rush program when available. Hadestown offers $42.50 lottery seats.
  2. Purchase same-day discount tickets from the TKTS booth in Times Square or Lincoln Center. Up to 50% off available.
  3. Check Groupon or TodayTix for coupon codes and special deals, sometimes over 25% off.
  4. Join the Audience Rewards membership program for exclusive access to discounted tickets under face value.
  5. Follow the show’s social media pages for special promotional offers that may pop up.
  6. Sign up for the show’s email newsletter for early access to deals.

How many sections does the Neil Simon Theatre have? The Neil Simon Theatre has two main seating sections – the Orchestra and the Mezzanine. The Orchestra is the ground-level section and closest to the stage. It contains around 691 seats divided into Left, Center, and Right sections.

The elevated Mezzanine has around 681 seats, also divided into Left, Center, and Right sections. There are also a limited number of private Box seats available on the Mezzanine level.

In total, the seating breakdown of the Neil Simon Theatre is:

  • Orchestra (691 seats)
    • Left Orchestra
    • Center Orchestra
    • Right Orchestra
  • Mezzanine (681 Seats)
    • Left Mezzanine
    • Center Mezzanine
    • Right Mezzanine
    • Boxes (6 small private boxes)

Neil Simon Theater Seating Chart Reviews

The Neil Simon Theatre is regarded as one of the finest Broadway venues by critics and patrons alike. Praised for its elegant interior and intimate atmosphere, it provides excellent views of the stage from nearly all sections. Recent reviews from audience members rave about the design and seating at the Neil Simon:

“The tiered mezzanine offers great elevated views without any obstructed sightlines. The orchestra feels remarkably close to the stage – a perfect place to immerse yourself in the show.”

The seats were comfortable with ample legroom. Our center orchestra tickets gave us a direct perspective, making us feel part of the performance.

“A classic, visually stunning theater. The entrance and lobby area transports you to a different time. Both the orchestra and mezzanine allow you to see facial expressions and performances.


So, the Neil Simon Theatre delivers a breathtaking Broadway experience from the moment you walk inside. The seating layout and views create a sense of connection between patrons and performers, whether seeing a dramatic play or a dazzling musical like Hadestown.

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