Prepare Your Car for Cross-Country Shipping

Shipping a car across the country may be considered time consuming to some people, but regardless of whether you have just acquired a vehicle from a state several hours away or need assistance transporting your family vehicle due to moving to a new home. Finding a reputable business that specializes in large moves like this, on the other hand, may help you save time, money, and a lot of worry. When it comes to moving your automobile using a carrier, there are a few things to consider before embarking on the long drive.

Fortunately, when you choose AutoStar Transport, one of the highest-rated cross-country car transportation companies in the United States, you can relax knowing that you are in excellent hands. When moving your automobile to its new home, our experts will make sure you understand every step of the procedure. We are one of the top transportation firms to hire because of our reputation for being dependable and straightforward throughout the entire procedure. Our professional carriers will do the work promptly and securely while providing you with great customer service!

Transportation Methods

There are several methods for transporting your car across the nation, and we provide extra services so that you may monitor the status of your delivery at all times. When it comes to cross-country shipping, you have two alternatives depending on your car.

An open-air carrier trailer is the most popular mode of transportation. This sort of service may transport many automobiles at the same time, providing a seamless, door-to-door delivery service for the majority of consumers. Our drivers may bring your car anyplace as long as the pick-up and drop-off points are in a safe and legal region. This method is also ideal if you have a certain budget for transferring your automobile from one area to another.

Enclosed car shipping is the second way that we utilize when moving antique, vintage, or expensive autos. Because of the enclosed trailer’s safety, this choice will ensure a smooth and safe voyage for your car. Certain situations, such as rain, snow, destructive winds, and road debris created by recent storms or road construction, will be shielded from your car. We realize how vital it is to maintain the perfect condition of your vintage automobile, so why not go the additional mile and book enclosed auto shipping with AutoStar shipping? An enclosed car transport costs somewhat more than standard shipping, but it provides extra security for your vehicle throughout the long voyage ahead.

Making Your Reservation and Getting Your Vehicle Ready

If you have already visited our website, you may acquire a free, quick price before making a reservation with our firm. This is, however, an estimate and not the final sum you will be required to pay at the time of service. One of the nicest parts of reserving a reservation with AutoStar Transport is that we don’t demand payment until your shipment has been accepted by a carrier, and there are no hidden fees. We believe in being honest with our customers so that there are no surprises when you use our services to relocate your car.

We recommend making your reservation with our firm at least a week before your scheduled pick-up date. This ensures that a carrier is ready to handle your delivery. Payment will not be payable for your reservation until the company secures a transportation carrier for your vehicle and verifies the specifics with the driver. We suggest that you carefully prepare your vehicle for shipping after reserving your reservation with our firm.

The most critical aspect of the transportation procedure is preparing your car for pick-up and delivery. You may properly check your vehicle by cleaning it and removing all of your stuff from the inside. When doing an inspection, it is important to write down any existing facts before shipment begins to guarantee that your car is not damaged throughout the voyage. If necessary, we recommend taking images from various angles to use as a reference while reinspecting the car at delivery.

Another thing you can do to prepare your vehicle for the lengthy travel is remove any toll tags to avoid being charged if the carrier comes across a toll booth. Toll tags can be used on automobiles to automatically extract money, allowing you to continue your journey without having to wait in line at the booth. Removing them from your car might help you avoid paying tolls at toll booths along the road. If you can fold your side mirrors in or remove your antenna, you can assist in avoiding damage to your car while driving. Preparing your vehicle ahead of time can assist the carrier in having a smooth and swift pick-up operation.

The Delivery Date

The time has arrived for your automobile to arrive at its destination. When the carrier’s driver is close to the location where you ordered the vehicle delivery, he or she will call you. The driver will proceed with unloading the car off the trailer as long as the environment is safe and lawful. We ask that you or someone you trust over the age of eighteen be available to receive delivery of your car to guarantee that everything goes properly.

However, before we go, you should properly examine your vehicle to guarantee that no damage was sustained during transportation. The driver will also walk beside the car with you to thoroughly examine their papers. After an evaluation is done and you are completely pleased with the services provided by our team, you may sign the inspection report for our driver, and we will be on our way!

AutoStar Transport Provides High-Quality Service

If you would like to learn more about the services we provide or would like to obtain a quick estimate on future travel, please visit We provide live chat with agents who can assist you with any queries or problems you may have about your reservation or the booking process. You may also phone us to get additional information and specifics about our services.

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