Reasons Behind Popularity of Rummy in India

Rummy is a game known for ages. It has been famous since the olden times across the Globe. The game is often played in India and is popular among the Indian population. The traditional Rummy has been modified into a 13-card game although the rules are quite similar. 

Nowadays, online Rummy is popular and is a source of leisure for many. People are earning quite a lot from it too. The accessibility to Rummy rose with the online platform. People earn money by playing it online. 

Rummy is quite a passion for the people. India has a lot of card games. We can find people from all backgrounds and cultures playing the game. It could be played at parties, family gatherings, classes, festivals, events, or just a small space with a bit of time. You could always find Indians with a deck of cards and some Chai relaxing at different places. It may not be a stretch to mention that if India has two popular games or the two C’s, one would be Cricket and the other would be Cards! 

There are different popular card games like Poker, hearts, rummy, etc. Although it is an informal and casual game, players can be very serious and the game could have high biddings. Rummy is a game of thrill and challenge as it allows players to build a strategy, skill and patience. Unlike other card games like UNO, which needs luck to an extent, we can use our skills for indian rummy. 

It is the Perfect Getaway: India is known for its high population, and that means a huge community. This leaves a lot of time for many family gatherings. It may not be the most favourite thing to do. But it is not what most can dodge either. So, cards come to the rescue. To increase the spirit, add the frolic and kill that boredom, people play Rummy. India could be known for its gigantic weddings which go on for long hours. At such venues, you can often find people with cards. So the game has become more popular due to social gatherings.

It Helps Kill that Stress: We all experience stress on a daily basis. Especially in India, where unemployment is still an issue, people from all walks of life have a different battle to face daily. From students to workers, everyone would want personal time off. In those instances, people play the game as it is a great game for leisure. People can relax and play the game they like with friends, family, and even strangers.

Socialisation Factor: This is a great game that unites people from all walks of life. It doesn’t discriminate on any basis. Whether you are a have or a have-not, from different religions, cultures, when you play the game, you’re equal and the skills talk. This is a good game for people to have a chat, discuss lives, share experiences with each other, and rejuvenate oneself with the game.

Legal Provisions: This is a skill-based game and it if backed by Supreme court to be played on online platforms. The online Rummy has made the game accessible. It is commonly played by many during breaks, waiting periods, etc. With a swipe, you can play the game loved by millions.

These are the few reasons why this is the most loved game. It can be played by all, anywhere and anytime!

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