Reasons Why You Need to Watch Cobra Kai on Netflix

You would probably remember the 80s classic movie, The Karate Kid starring Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita. Not only did we but also our parents grew up watching the Karate Kid series. The story is about a troubled kid called Daniel LaRusso as he moves to Reseda with his mother and begins getting bullied by a boy called Johnny Lawrence played by William Zabka. Johnny also happens to be a student at the Cobra Kai Dojo, where students are taught to “strike first, strike hard, no mercy” which itself shows how toxic the dojo is. The dojo is owned by a man named John Kreese, who also becomes a villain in Daniel’s life.

However, the show Cobra Kai is an interesting continuation in the story of Daniel’s life as he has now grown up and is married with kids now. Not just Daniel, the show also continues the story of Johnny Lawrence, who starts as a failure in the show but eventually finds his way. You can stream all the Karate Kid movies and Cobra Kai in crisp picture quality on Netflix, provided that you have a fast internet connection such as the likes of Spectrum Wifi with its brilliant reliability and uncapped data.

If you are looking for more reasons to watch Cobra Kai and what makes it so amazing, then you are in the right place. Keep reading to find out about the best things Cobra Kai has to offer which makes it such as good show

An Overdose of Nostalgia

One of the key features of watching Cobra Kai is the nostalgia that it offers its audience. As we mentioned earlier, almost all of us have grown up watching Daniel’s story and how he forms a beautiful bond with Mr. Myagi who teaches him all the karate that he knows. It is always a pleasure to look at Ralph Macchio taking his role as Daniel after all these years. Not just Ralph but it’s amazing to see William Zabka as Johnny again too. Many of the other characters make a return as well such as Chozen, Mike Barnes, Ali, Kumiko, Lucille (Danny’s mother), John Kreese, and even to everyone’s horror, Terry Silver.

It’s great to see all of these characters make a return and reprise their roles. Some of the villains turned into good people and some of the villains just chose to remain villains after all. So if you want an instant kick of nostalgia, then you need to watch Cobra Kai.

  • The Show Has Some Good Character Development

Another amazing thing about the show is the brilliant character development that nearly everyone goes through. The main character with the best character development was Johnny Lawrence who goes from a rich, playboy bully to a beat-down dad. Johnny now has a son called Robby and initially, Johnny struggles to be a good dad but eventually, he does become better than he was before. Even though his character seems a bit senseless at the start, eventually he gets so much better that audiences eventually fell in love with his character.

Some other characters also go through some brilliant development, Daniel now runs a successful business and is teaching his kids Sam and Anthony karate. Sam and Anthony have their character development as well. Another character, Tory, goes from being cynical and ruthless to a lot more mature as she figures out that she needs to fight for the right cause. Another brilliant character development was of the lead character, Miguel Diaz, who gets to train under both Johnny and Daniel and learns each of their fighting styles until he becomes a karate champion from a nerd.

  • The Kind of Fights You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Watching Cobra Kai is nothing less than watching a good action movie. The kind of fight sequences that it has is enough to give you a good kick of adrenaline. You can find fights between characters you would most definitely want to see. For instance, there are fights between Miguel and Robby, Sam and Tory, Hawk and Demetri, Miguel and Hawk even Daniel and Johnny themselves too! Eventually, you also get to see Johnny fight his former sensei John Kreese as well because of how much John poisoned Johnny’s mind with ruthlessness and whatnot.

Since many of the villains from the past resurfaced, there comes a point when Daniel has to fight each of them, including John Kreese, Terry Silver, a little bit of Mike Barnes even though he isn’t a villain anymore, and a lot more. These brilliantly-choreographed fights don’t just give you a rush of adrenaline but also give you a shot of nostalgia as well after all these years.

Wrapping Up

Among all shows these days, Cobra Kai is the kind that you should watch. It has that kind of action that has you wishing that you could learn Martial Arts too, karate specifically. As they say in the show and the movies, “Cobra Kai never dies!”

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