Robi Data Pack 2022 Offer

In the middle of the many of the amazing offer, still, users like Robi data pack 2022 because such range is not covered by anyone else. No doubt, people have not enough time for a manual search like from books or via others like these old sources, so they prefer a fast method of searching. The Internet is the best way for such people because they collect much info in less time. Many companies have appeared in the competition of Robi but he succeeds to get his top position. People had satisfied with it and prefer them. This is a single operator where people are buying different services about the internet by the purpose of business, entertainment and much more.

Robi Data pack 2022 for 7 Days:

For a duration of 7 days, there are various Robi Data pack 2022, so one will pick any offer as per the usage. Furthermore, check their detail from the following table.

Robi Data Pack
Charges Validity Code
10 GB 199 Taka 7 Days *123*0199#
6 GB 148 Taka Same *123*148#
4.5 GB 129 Taka 7 Days *123*0129#
3 GB 108 Taka Same *123*0108#
1.1 GB 101 Taka 7 Days *123*101#
1 GB 48 Taka 4 Days *123*48#

Robi Data Offer 2022 Monthly:

  • Now, 2 data monthly Robi data offer 2022 had been inline for those customers who are using data for more volume.
Robi Data Offer Robi charges Validity Code
1.50 GB 209 Taka 30 Days *123*209#
4 GB 316 Taka 28 Days *123*316#

These are the most famous offers between customers because people are getting the pack at a cheap rate. After buying the offer most people worried about remaining Mbs, So some specific digits have been introduced by this operator. People dial this code *3# then remaining Mbs will show on your mobile screen.

Activation Codes:

Robi operator provides specific codes about every offers because without dialing codes you cannot avail of this offer. For availing, the second source of this offer is online. They have introduced an online method where you buy this package easily.

A new data offer by Robi only

All of the Robi data pack 2022 has something new special in it and we can expect from Robi that in the next coming days more offers would introduce. Till now, users are getting every type of benefit related offers from the operator.

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