Robi GoonGoon Code List

About every second mobile phone users want to set a music ringtone at their sim. So all networks give this facility to their subscribers include Robi to replace traditional tune with the new one. Now Robi GoonGoon code list is the perfect way for choosing favorite music ring tones. This company starts its journey around two decades ago with the name of “Aktel” but a decade ago they changed their brand name with “Robi. Since then Robi has spread its network all around in Bangladesh. The reason for its popularity is that this network always brings smart offers to loyal users. Now the cod list of GoonGoon consists of many melodious songs ring tones so that every user sets a tone according to their choice. Through this offer, you can set a music tone at your sim for a certain time period or at any unusual day like new year, friendship day, etc.

Robi GoonGoon Registration:

  • If anyone wants to registered for Robi GoonGoon dial *8466#
  • Users can also get this service via SMS, So write Reg and then send this text to 8466
  • There is another method to get registration for this service, call at 8466 and note down the specification
  • After getting the info press ** for the 2 times

Robi GoonGoon Code List:

Various options exist to check the Robi GoonGoon code list and one of the easiest ones is through SMS. Just arrange the text in form of FINDSongName/Artist Name/Album Name and then forward it to the number 8466. So easy to get the list.

To activate more than one song as tunes then just write the “random” in text and forward it at 8466. Automatically, different songs will set to your ring tone.

How to Stop Robi Goongoon Service?

  1. If someone wants to deactivate this service via SMS, go to the message box, write STOP or Off and post to 8466
  2. Through call: dial 8466 and listen to the specification

Robi GoonGoon Service Charges:

Amount Validity
30 Taka Valid for 30 days
25 Taka For 25 days
20 Taka Valid for 20 days
15 Taka For 15 days
10 Taka For 10 days
5 Taka Valid for 5 days
1 Taka For 1 day

Copy a song and place for GoonGoon:

If anyone wants to download a song and place as a GoonGoon, open new message box, write get GET GoonGoon code and post at the number of 8466. This is also not difficult.

a chart of Robi Code

Specific Detail of Robi GoonGoon :

  • This service gives a chance to their users that they set a “Profile Tune and Mood Tune “for some time
  • After getting the GoonGoon facility, users will not pay an extra amount to use this service of  “Profile Tune  and Mood Tune
  • To get the “Profile Tune and Mood Tune” service dial *8466*40#
  • user can close this service write STOP in the message box and send it at the number of 8466
  • To get Profile Tune, call at *8466*40# and after this press 1 to listen to instructions
  • To get “Mood Tunes” call at *8466*40# and after this press 2 to listen to instructions

We covered this topic in the best possible way, as everything of the Robi GoonGoon code list is described in the most productive way that is very easy to pick. Just spend a quality time and also share feeling via this these tones.

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