Robi IMO Pack 2023 Code for 30 Days

After the mergers of two giant operators to form a giant network, now people are expecting much more from Robi. A newly introductory Robi IMO pack 2023 code has got a lot of appreciation for 30 Days that has two parts. Furthermore, right now, they are working hard to improve the services of calls, and the internet. Many offers were coming and delivered in previous years by Robi as well as they are introducing different bundles for IMO. People use and prefer IMO services in Bangladesh because they do video calls between friends and family, so a specific bundle is necessary. In this context, we are communicating info on all Robi IMO offers in detail.

Robi IMO Pack 2023:

The Robi IMO pack 2023 plan are different at different rate that is enough for one-month usage. Meanwhile, the charge of this pack is also affordable. Let’s review the table in which this pack is briefly elaborate and also easy to understand.

Data Charges Activation Code Validity
250 MB 10 taka *123*56# 28 days
400MB 25 taka *123*156# 28 days
2GB Will be updated *123*54# 30 days

The amount charged for this volume shows how many customers can get benefit from it. So, if you are doing video calls regularly via the IMO then you must get benefit from it.

Robi IMO Pack 30 Days Code 2023:

A second pack or can say Robi IMO internet offer 2023 comprised 400 MB volume. Robi understands market demand because some customers use it occasionally. So, for them, this is a better option at a low price.

After availing of this offer customers can use under 28 days. If you want to avail of this offer, 25BDT credit is necessary for your account then you can get benefits from this offer. Also, visit how Robi Number Check.

  • For availing of this offer, *123*156# is the allotted code.

Robi IMO Pack 2023 Code for 30 Days

During usage, a few of the customers do not know how we can check Imo remaining Pack. so, you can get its complete info after dialing *3#. Yes, you can even now look at the usage which is good, if you are using it on a daily bases. After this, one can increase or decrease the utilization of Robi IMO Pack 2023 Code for 30 Days especially the ones who are taking 400 MB for this cause. But, just be careful at the time of choosing.

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