Robi Internet Offer 2021 Code

Thousand of these network users are using the internet but people like different types of packages. Now they are looking at the Robi Internet Offer 2021 Code but all the things completely exist on the official page as well as complete guidance about this offer is mention on this page. Furthermore, check below the table where all the Robi Internet Offer 2021 Code is mention and you can gather and activate the offer. After activation, you can use it for a limited time while when you will activate then the company will tell you the proper time for using it.

Robi Internet Offer 2021 Code:

For the guidance of the loyal customers now they can see all the internet offers who are written below the table. Further, the company has officially announced the Robi Internet Offer 2021 Code.

Data Volume Charges Activation Code Duration
7 GB 749 Taka *123*7168# 30-days
20 GB 996 Taka *123*0996# 30-days
30 GB (1 GB per day) 219 Taka *123*0219# 30-days
2 GB 316 Taka *123*085# 30-days
500 MB 119 taka *123*0119# 30-days
10 GB 199 Taka *123*0199# 7-days
6 GB 129 Taka *123*0129# 7-days
3 GB 41 taka *123*041# 7-days
4 GB 108 Taka *123*1080# 7-days
10 MB 3.44 taka *123*004# 1-day
45 MB 12.2 Taka *123*782# 1-day
200 MB 20 Taka *123*020# 1-day
2 GB 27 Taka *123*027# 2-days

All Robi internet offer 2021 code is mention in the table and just you will gather the code from that offer who want to like and subscribe. Because many of the offers are exist in this table. Further, you can check the remaining data volume. Further time duration is mention for every offer because if you subscribe to the weekly offer then after one week offer will expire automatically. Meanwhile, if you avail of the monthly offer the company will expire after one month. Moreover, terms and conditions are going to list below.

Robi Internet Offer 2021 Code

Term and Conditions:

When the company announces the offer then they will announce the term and condition. So all the terms and conditions that have announced by the company now they check from this page.

  • For every offer, you will dial the activation then the offer will start.
  • The prices of all the offers are clearly mentioned and the company will detect the charge amount from the customer account.

  • After subscribe company will not return your amount.
  • After the duration of the package network will finish your offer and then you will reactivate.

Robi Monthly Internet Pack 2021:

Those people who are using the internet for business and some other things now can activate the monthly internet package because Robi Monthly Internet Pack 2021 now exists and we have already mentioned in the table for the facilitation of the customers. Moreover, 5 monthly offers exist with different prices and different data volumes.

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