Robi Internet Setting

The use of the internet is very high among youth because that is a small gadget but some users worried about internet settings. Now Robi internet setting is given for those customers that are facing different types of error during the internet when he inserts new Robi SIM, as well as most of the people, are converting on robi. Some of the mobiles are taking internet setting USSD who allowed by an operator. That is not too difficult and all the instructions are cover who needs customers. People can easily get the instruction from the customer care center while Robi helpline 121 available 24 hours for customers and using the internet without any problem.

Robi Internet Setting Code for Android:

Robi internet settings are required for various mobile phones. People are finding the procedure of mobile internet settings. Before the start, the internet on mobile when people click on data option then mobile take some digits authorized by the operator while users do not knowledge about digits. Now, if you are using a smartphone then users can change the setting of the internet in mobile because all options are available about code for android under smartphone.

Robi Internet Setting USSD Code:

On the other hand, some people use simple mobile then setting code for android USSD *123*3*1# necessary. After dialing this code internet will be executed on your network by an operator because this process is automatic.

Robi Internet Setting SMS Code:

They provides services of the internet through SMS and also data bundle will activate when you send all information about SIM number and mobile. The operator will send setting SMS code in your inbox.

  • Firstly, people will open a mobile ”inbox” and write SMS.
  • All information is necessary given to the operator about the cell phone, for instance, mobile manufacture name and model number of mobile.
  • Then you will send it in ”8738”.

Robi internet setting code

Robi Internet Setting Manually:

For setting manually given in the market and people without doing any effort they can easily avail. Some instructions are given in below the table for the council of customers.

  • Firstly, we will click on the ‘’Menu’’ bar.
  • Then we press the ‘’Setting’’ option.
  • The ‘’Connection’’ option will appear.
  • After clicking on option than many options appear on your screen like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth where the ‘’Data Usage’’ option is available.
  • After selecting this option, you can easily change the internet setting.

Hopefully, people can take all information from here but if people do not understand Robi Internet Setting then they can concert with customer care and also contact the representative through the helpline.

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