Teletalk Agami Internet Offer 2023

Amazingly, the six types of volumes are the part of the newly Teletalk Agami internet offer 2023. Now, every person is well aware of the usages of the net because it makes life very easy and fast. You can want to collect information about various things in minimum time during any situation. There are several tech companies that stand with tempting internet packages. But among them, Telitalk agami has made a strong position in the market with the help of customer satisfaction and various cheapest offers. Once again, their new internet offer is another opportunity for users to enjoy at a low cost.

Teletalk Agami Internet Offer 2023:

The guidance about the new Teletalk Agami internet package 2023 is clear  in this text, on the other hand, all charges and data volume mention in complete detail. This govt operator has a desire to fulfill the satisfaction of their customers. All info about this offer given below…

Data Charges Activation Code Validity
1 GB 22 Taka *111*600# 7 Days
1 GB 45 Taka *111*601# 30 Days
2 GB 81 Taka *111*602# 30 Days
4 GB 55 Taka *111*603# 7 Days
5 GB 91 Taka *111*605# 15 Days
10 GB 177 Taka *111*610# 30 Days

Imp Things to Remember:

  • The data that will not be used in a certain or specific period of time will automatically shift in the next pack but for this, it’s essential to activate it again.
  • For the activation, the only thing is to write code in a new message box and then send or forward it to 111.
  • Every bundle will start after this process but they detect the required amount at the time of activation.

a new net offer of teletalk

The above information of Teletalk Agami Internet Offer 2023 will be very helpful for the new users of the internet. In every part of Bangladesh, Telitalk is came up with this desired offer when they observed that its demand is rising, while users also highly appreciated this operator’s efforts and they stand with them now.

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