Toyota Aqua 2023 Price in Bangladesh

With the new facelift and latest model of Toyota Aqua 2023 Price in Bangladesh is 17 lacs BDT. In this model, they have changed all the technology because in the previous model cruise control and some other feature were not available. But in the latest model of Aqua bundle of the latest specs have been inserted. Most important they have changed the complete outer look while the interior design has reshaped. Further, for the protection of the passengers in different places airbags have been installed and they will automatically release when the car will hit. Other information about Toyota Aqua 2023 Price in Bangladesh is here.

Toyota Aqua 2023 Price in Bangladesh

Despite of few more variants present worldwide but in Bangladesh, just only one variants of Toyota Aqua exist. When other release is early to predict. So the price of Toyota Aqua 2023 is of the standard variants.

Toyota Aqua Price in BD Around 17 lacs BDT


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Toyota Aqua 2023 Price in Bangladesh

Toyota Aqua Interior

The interior of this car is much fabulous besides they have changed the location of the meter. In this model location of the meter in the middle of the dashboard as well they have installed the digital meter. The Interior space of Toyota aqua is much wide and 4 to 5 passengers can easily sit in this car.

Toyota Aqua Interior

Toyota Aqua Exterior

The front facelift of this car is the same as Toyota Vitz but the headlight design has changed. On the other hand, they have made the front bumper with multiple curves as well in the middle of the bumper they made design with black grill. In this model, you can install the front camera.

Toyota Aqua Exterior

Toyota Aqua Mileage Per Liter

A new model of Toyota Aqua comes with a hybrid engine. So the mileage of this vehicle is good. If you want to know per liter mileage that is 22 KM to 24 KM. If you do long travel then this is the best option for you.

Fuel Consumption 22 KM to 24 KM

Toyota Aqua Battery Life

The latest Japanese technology battery has been installed in Toyota Aqua as well people want to know the life of the battery. So you can use it for 80,000 thousand KM to 10, 0000 Km. After that, you will change not replace because sometimes people just replace but with the passage of time, they do some work.

Battery Timing 80,000 thousand KM to 10, 0000 Km

Toyota Aqua Battery Life

Toyota Aqua Engine Cc

The engine capacity of Toyota Aqua is 1496Cc. But don’t forget this is a hybrid engine. The engine of this vehicle is the same as Toyota Prius.

Engine Cc 1496Cc

Toyota Aqua Engine Oil Capacity

This vehicle is 1.5L while there is 4 cylinder. So definitely engine capacity of Toyota Aqua is 5 Liter but this is the estimated value.

Oli Capacity 5 Liter

Toyota Aqua Fuel Tank Capacity

You can fill the petrol in the tank with just 36 Liter because this is the tank capacity of this car. Some of the people told that fuel tank capacity is around 40 to 45 liter. That is completely wrong information.

Fuel Tank Capacity 36 Liter

Toyota Aqua SPECS

Toyota Aqua has been installed with thousand of the specs but some silent specs have written in below and all the people who are going to buy this car now they can check and then decide.

ABS Passenger-side airbags
Cruise control Roadside assist
Automatic high beams Lane departure warning
Latest Multimedia Player Console Box
Digital Meter Auto Side Mirror Rotation

Toyota Aqua Interior Accessories

This lavish Toyota Aqua inner side embellishes with a number of abilities that make it straightforward, sparkling, and exquisite.

  • Imitation Leather Seats
  • adornments armrests
  • Newly designed stockpiling cabin
  • A tissue box which fixed in the front traveler seat
  • Sliding plate empowers with charging links
  • Extraordinary Audio display

Now, this is the best opportunity for the Toyota Lovers as well complete details mentioned with Toyota Aqua 2023 Price in Bangladesh. Moreover, you can visit the nearest Toyota office and take more info.


Is Toyota Aqua a good car?

According to the survey, Toyota Aqua has good quality fuel consumption system and is available at a reasonable price.

What is the average of Toyota Aqua?

The average of Toyota Aqua is 35.8km.

Is Toyota Aqua good for a long drive?

There is another important question which raised in mind that is this vehicle is good for a long drive? So this is a good choice if you want to sear out less fuel consumption with a long drive. Because it gives you an economy fuel system with 22 to 24 km.

What fuel does a Toyota Aqua use?

The Toyota Aqua is a full crossbreed gas hatchback delivered and showcased by the Japanese vehicle producer Toyota Motors. The vehicle is equipped for giving an exceptional 35.4Km LT.

What is Toyota aqua price in Bangladesh?

The costs are actually the main highlight anticipate and mostly Toyota aqua existing around 16 Lac and this price depends on the superiority, model and sale results.

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