Toyota Fortuner Price in Bangladesh 2023

Toyota Fortuner is the most powerful vehicle with a strong engine. As well as the production this vehicle was started in the era of 2000 in Bangladesh. Now people looking at the Toyota Fortuner price in Bangladesh 2023 that exists. Because at the start of this year company has changed the facelift of this vehicle. Till now the second outer has changed of this vehicle in Bangladesh. This vehicle exists in three variants because firstly the company introduced the petrol engine vehicle. But some of the audience like diesel engine who are using on off-road. Furthermore, the outer look of Toyota’s fortune is almost the same as compared to the previous model. While they have inserted a bundle of the specs and features in the interior. Moreover, the latest Toyota Fortuner Price in Bangladesh 2023 is listed below.

Toyota Fortuner Price in Bangladesh 2023

The latest price of all variants of the Toyota Fortuner has been released by the company. The further outer look of this car is outstanding and this is perfect for a family. In addition, this is available in different colors but it completely depends on customers’ choice. Other info regarding the engine, interior, exterior, and mileage of the Toyota Fortuner is going to describe on this page.



Fortuner AT Diesel

BDT 6,142,500

Fortuner 2.8 Sigma

BDT 6,610,800

Fortuner 2.7 VVTI

BDT 5,423,250

Toyota Fortuner Interior

In the latest models company have changed many of the features because in new models look of front dashboard is totally change. While many of the features are installed in steering. Now Toyota company giving the power steering in all variants while in middle of the dashboard they have installed big android screen for entertainment. The interior of this vehicle is too wide while on the backside you can easily put the luggage when you go on the long drive.

Toyota Fortuner Interior

Toyota Fortuner Exterior

The exterior look of Fortuner is outstanding because if we discussed the front look that is totally changing. Even they change the design of the front headlight because in the previous model the size of the headlight was too big. But in this model size is decreased and two extra lights are installed below the bumper. Option of sunroof exists in Fortuner.

Toyota Fortuner Price in Bangladesh 2023

Toyota Fortuner Mileage

The mileage of petrol engines and diesel engines is different because some of the audience think that both engines are giving the same mileage. Besides diesel engine fortune give the 12 to 14 KM per liter while petrol engine gives the around 10 Km under one-liter petrol. Before buy must check the mileage of both engines.

Petrol Engine Around 10 KM
Diesel Engine Around 12 to 14 KM

Toyota Fortuner Seating Capacity

This is SUV and 7 people can easily sit in this vehicle while one or two people can easily sit in the backside where you can store the luggage. Because some people insert the small folding seats.

Seating Capacity 7 People

For the safety of the people, the company installs two airbags in front while giving the ABD brake system with EBD. On the other hand, some of the people like northern areas where driving is difficult. So Toyota’s fortune is perfect for off-road driving. Because many of the modes exist that control the balance of this vehicle. All the information about Toyota Fortuner Price in Bangladesh 2023 is mentioned while if they revise then update on this page.

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