Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Price in Bangladesh V8, Prado

In the jeep category, this is the best option while Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Price in Bangladesh is ৳ 10,765,000. This is the starting price because there are few variants that exist in this car. As well, the most popular two variants are Toyota Land Cruiser V8 and Prado. The price of both variants mentions in the table along with the latest specification and features. In the battle of SUV vehicle, both are the best option because when you traveling in northern areas then drives of Prado and V8 is much comfortable as compare to others. So that’s why people are looking at the Toyota Land cruiser 2022 Price in Bangladesh for V8 and Prado.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Price in Bangladesh

In the automobile market, their are bundle of the new vehicles include local and imported but Toyota is now in top rank because Toyota Land Cruiser V8 and Prado is much better as compare to others. Further, they are fully loaded with specs and features.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Price in Bangladesh

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 2022 Price in Bangladesh

Engine-wise Toyota Land Cruise V8 is big ac compare to Prado becasue the engine capacity of this car is 4461 cc. So definitely when engine capacity will high then the price will increase as compared to another variant. Have a look and take Toyota Land Cruiser V8 2022 Price in Bangladesh.

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Price in BD ৳ 10,765,000/ Approximately

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2022 Price in Bangladesh

Prado is the second variant of the Toyota Land Cruiser but this is a bit small compare to V8. Becasue company has installed bit small engine in this car but if we discuss the exterior size. That is almost the same. Further, take the price of this car from this page.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Price in BD ৳ 80,765,00/ Approximately

Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Price in Bangladesh V8, Prado

Toyota Land Cruiser Engine Cc

Both variants have been launched with different engines. Toyota Prado launch with 2982cc besides Toyota Land Cruiser V8 launch with 4461 Cc.

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Engine Cc 4461 Cc
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Engine Cc 2982cc

Toyota Land Cruiser Engine Cc

Toyota Land Cruiser Specs

Some of the silent specs that are not available online take from this page. But some of the important specs are mentioned below.

Toyota Touch® 2 with Go Navigation Digital Audio Broadcast
USB connector Front parking sensors
Rear parking sensors Reversing Camera
Automatic High Beam Emergency Brake-light Signal
LED Rear brake lights LED Front fog lights
Front passenger airbag detector Rear headrests
Digital tachometer Rear passenger air vents
Memory function on the driver seat Front room light

Toyota Land Cruiser Interior

We cannot compare Toyota Land Cruiser to another SUV vehicle. Becasue Toyota company is giving the totally different specs and technology in this vehicle because in the middle of the dashboard they have installed android LED and you can easily attach with mobile.

  • Moreover, the interior is fully covered with airbags for the safety of the passengers. Interior space is wide becasue 7 to 8 passengers easily sit in this car.

Toyota Land Cruiser Interior

Toyota Land Cruiser Exterior

The exterior of this car is gorgeous while the sunroof option exists. Front bonut is made with different styles as well some of the curves have been made by the company for the beauty of the car.

  • The front bumper has made grill type and installed a front camera in the middle of the bumper and people can easily see the front view.

Toyota Land Cruiser Exterior

The availability of this car is easy because just visit and book. Moreover, take Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Price in Bangladesh V8, Prado and if they increase or decrease the price then share with the people who like this SUV vehicle.

Toyota Land Cruiser Mileage

Before buying an SUV vehicle everyone wants to know the mileage of the car that is most important for the knowledge of the customers. Now, Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Mileage is around 9 to 10 Km under 1-liter petrol. Becasue biggest engine has installed in both vehicles.

Fuel Average  9 to 10 Km

Toyota Land Cruiser Fuel Tank Capacity

Most of the time when people go on long drives then they fill the complete tank. But everyone does not know about them. So, you can put the 26.4 Gallon Petrol in the Fuel Tank.

Tank Capacity 26.4 Gallon


How much will the 2022 Land Cruiser cost?

Definitely when you buy the latest model of Toyota Land Cruiser then the cost of this vehicle is high comparatively another vehicle. But they are giving too many latest specs and features. So that is ৳ 10,765,000/ Approximately.

What is the price of Land Cruiser v8 in Bangladesh?

ANS: The latest price of Toyota Land Cruiser V8 is ৳ 10,765,000/ Approximately. But if the company will change the price then share it with the people.

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