Toyota Raize 2022 Price in Bangladesh

Every day Toyota company is launching different vehicles but recently they have launched Toyota Raize 2022 Price in Bangladesh. Further, the price of this vehicle is BDT 34,0000. The latest technology has been introduced as well in different places airbags have installed which protect to the passengers during traveling. A parking sensor has been inserted. Moreover, the outer look is totally fabulous while the interior is much wide. The fuel average of this car is much better as compared to other vehicles. Other information about Toyota Raize 2022 Price in Bangladesh is written below.

Toyota Raize 2022 Price in Bangladesh

Price has been launched of Toyota Raize by the company while in this car they have launched some variants with different specs and features. Further, fuel mileage and fuel tank capacity are here on this page.

Toyota Raize Price in BDT BDT 34,0000

Toyota Raize 2022 Price in Bangladesh

Toyota Raize Interior

The interior of this car is much fabulous as well a lot of functions have been installed in dashboard and steering. Moreover, a bundle of the dashboard has been inserted while comfortable seats have been installed. Look below and see the interior picture.

Toyota Raize Interior

Toyota Raize Exterior

The exterior is too outstanding because they have installed a unique style grill in the front bumper. In addition, the design of the headlight is fabulous and the body has made with different curves.

Toyota Raize Exterior

Toyota Raize Specifications and Features

Some important features and specifications are mentioned on this page.

Petrol Fuel Type 4 Cylinder
SUV Body Type Maximum Torque 140Nm
Manual Transmission 996 Engine Displacement
98PS Maximum Power 1.0 Litre Turbocharged
Latest Multimedia Player Airbags
Front Camera Rear Camera
ABS Braking System Leather Seats

Toyota Raize Fuel Average

Basically, this is an SUV vehicle but the company has installed a small engine that is hybrid and gives good mileage. Moreover, the fuel average of this car is around 18 Kmpl.

  • Around 18kmpl

Toyota Raize Fuel Tank Capacity

In an SUV car, Toyota Raize Fuel Tank Capacity is 36 Liters. Moreover, according to the company people can fill around 34 liters of petrol into a fuel tank.

  • 36 Liters Fuel Tank Capacity

Take Toyota Raize 2022 Price in Bangladesh as well just one variant has been introduced but in the future, they will introduce some more. As well if they launch some more then we will update to the people.

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