Toyota Yaris 2023 Price in Bangladesh

Toyota Yaris is the new innovation of Toyota company after the successful mission of the Toyota corolla. This vehicle has launched this year with multiple variants but people do not know about its cost. So those who are seeking the Toyota Yaris 2023 Price in Bangladesh can look. In this vehicle, many of the variants exist as well as prices have been released according to variants. Yaris exist in manual and automatic transmission. Definitely when you will buy a manual then the price will bit decrease as compared to auto transmission. On the other hand, this vehicle is better than other companies’ models.

Toyota Yaris 2023 Price in Bangladesh

Toyota Yaris has come into the Bangladesh market with all variants. This is vehicle is available in all Toyota Showrooms. Moreover, Toyota Yaris 2023 Price in Bangladesh exists on this page. Starting price of this vehicle is 2 million BDS.  Further, interior, exterior, fuel average, and specification are going to list below.

Models Price
TOYOTA YARIS 1.3L GLI MT Around 2.5 Million BDT
Toyota YARIS 1.3 GLI CVT Around 2.7 Million BDT
TOYOTA YARIS 1.3 ATIV MT Around 2.9 Million BDT
TOYOTA YARIS 1.3 ATIV CVT Around 3 Million BDT
TOYOTA YARIS 1.5 ATIV X MT Around 3 Million BDT
TOYOTA YARIS 1.5 ATIV X CVT Around 3.2 Million BDT

All the variants of Toyota Yaris mention prices, as well as all prices, are without taxes because when people buy a new vehicle then some govt taxes will apply.

Toyota Yaris 2023 Price in Bangladesh

Toyota Yaris interior Pics

  • The interior of this vehicle is the same as the corolla but specifications and features are different. In Bangladesh, they have adjusted the steering on the right side while in front of drivers unique style of meter install. Moreover, manual and auto gear are inserted near the console box because the drive feels easy when they change gear.

The company has to install the latest technology multimedia player along with LED in the middle of the dashboard while you can use for front and back camera. On the other hand, they are using the leather-type seat while two airbags exist in this vehicle.

Toyota Yaris interior Pics

Toyota Yaris Exterior

The exterior of the Toyota Yaris is beautiful as compare to GLI and XLI. The front look of the Toyota Yaris is too much fabulous as compete to Suzuki Ciaz. Manufacturer of this Toyota Yaris quit unique style bumper while in the middle of the bumper they make some design with black color.

  • In some variants, two lights exist below the bumper. The front headlights of this vehicle with made different curves while the size of the vehicle is small. If we discussed the backlight that has been inserted in the side fender and trunk.

Toyota Yaris Exterior


Toyota Yaris Fuel Consumption

Two types of Toyota Yaris engines like 1.3 and 1.5 exist but the fuel averages of both are different. As well as the engine of 1.3 gives the mileage of around 17 km while 1.5 engine gives around 16 KM.

1.5 Engine Mileage Around 13 KM to 15 KM
1.3 Engine Mileage Around 15 KM to 17 KM

Toyota Yaris Fuel Tank Capacity in Litres

those people who are very conscious about fuel now can fill 42 liters in Yaris. Some of the people when go long drive like motorway and highway. Then full tank with petrol. Before buy they must check the fuel capacity. On the other hand, with just a one-time full tank you can easily drive thousand of kilometers.

Fuel Tank Capacity 42 Liters

The Interior and exterior look of this vehicle are too gorgeous as well as the company has inserted many of the specs and features in the interior of this vehicle. So when you will increase the specification and features then the price will increase. Further, the Toyota Yaris 2023 Price in Bangladesh of all variants exists.

You can gather all the guidance about Toyota Yaris 2023 Price in Bangladesh is existed as well as you can take the info about colors. Because this is available in multi colors. Moreover, all the variants have been mentioned on this page who released by the company. Further, if they announce the new mode and variants then it will UN cover for you.

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