Types of Manga

MangaForFree is a type of comic or graphic novel, originating in Japan. It conforms to a style that was established in the late 19th century, but has a long history in earlier Japanese art. Although the term manga is generally used to refer to comics, it also encompasses cartooning. There are many different types of manga, including Shoujo and Seinen.


Manga and anime are two forms of Japanese animation. Both have become synonymous with a certain aesthetic in Japan, but they have different styles and uses of colors. Anime is often based on manga, although it may not strictly follow the manga storyline. In the West, manga tends to be child-friendly, while anime has often mature themes and complex storylines.


The Shoujo manga genre is a subset of anime and manga. It is a genre of stories that deal with everyday life and often involve characters relating to themselves. One example of a Shoujo story is Akatsuki no Yona, also known as Yona of the Red Dawn. This manga features a hard-working woman who is supported by her friend Hak. The two form one of the cutest couples in anime.


Seinen Manga is a type of Japanese manga that blends several different anime genres. It is set in a hypothetical future in around 2029 where men have incorporated cybernetic implants into their bodies that improve their natural abilities. In addition, robots are created and are essentially clones of men. Because all people in the future are connected via a technology known as “Ghost,” they are all connected to cyberspace. This cyberspace is filled with all the data generated by society.


KunManga Kodomuke is a sub-genre of Japanese manga. These works are usually directed toward young children and are usually gender-neutral, as opposed to the more traditional shoujo and shonen manga. Kodomomuke stories are generally positive and aimed at children, with strong morals and life lessons. Yellow is the child-like color and is often the theme for these historias.

Shoujo Manga

Shoujo manga is a subgenre of Japanese manga, which focuses on emotions and idealized romance. They usually feature a young protagonist who deals with personal relationships and issues with sexuality. Many of these manga are very pretty, and the covers of these manga are designed to be attractive to a girl’s eye.

Kodomuke Manga

The name ‘Kodomuke’ is Japanese for ‘for children’, and the books and shows based on this genre are aimed at children. The story lines are simple and straightforward, and they generally have a moral lesson. These works are typically episodic, and are not censored for content.

Shonen Manga

Shonen manga is a popular genre of Japanese comic books and manga. The focus of these stories is on emotion and idealized romance. The main character is typically a young boy with an adventurous nature. The covers of these stories are typically very pretty.

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