Uncovering the Mystique of Viking Dog Tags

In the realm of historical artefacts, few items exude the captivating allure of Viking dog tags. These small yet significant tokens of the past offer a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the fierce Norse warriors. The warriors who once roamed the seas and conquered distant lands. Today, we embark on a journey to delve into the world of viking dog tags. Specifically, we will unveil Faithheart Jewelry Engraved Runes Dog Tags Necklace, a unique and essential piece of jewellery that pays homage to this rich heritage.

The Significance of Viking Dog Tags

Viking dog tags, often called amulets or pendants, were not just ornamental trinkets; they held profound meaning in Viking culture. These intricate pieces served multiple purposes, including identifying the warrior, offering protection in battle, and conveying messages of faith and belief.

FaithHeart Engraved Runes Dog Tags Necklace

FaithHeart’s Engraved Runes Dog Tags Necklace stands out effortlessly among the plethora of modern-day accessories inspired by Viking history. This necklace embodies both style and substance.

Materials That Stand the Test of Time

FaithHeart Jewelry has chosen stainless steel as the primary material for this remarkable piece. Stainless steel mirrors the durability of the Viking spirit and provides a lustrous finish that captivates the eye. A pendant size of 51.8mm*29.3mm ensures that the runes and symbols etched onto the tag are prominent and easily recognizable.

The Perfect Length and Weight

The necklace’s length of 22+2 inches allows it to grace the wearer’s neckline elegantly. The additional 2 inches provide the versatility to adjust the fit according to individual preferences, making it suitable for anyone. Weighing in at 32g, it’s substantial enough to feel substantial without being cumbersome.

The Engraved Runes

The heart of this necklace lies in the meticulously engraved runes that adorn the dog tag pendant. These ancient symbols, deeply rooted in Norse mythology, carry meanings that resonate with strength, courage, and the warrior spirit. Each rune tells a story, and wearing them close to your heart is a tangible way to embrace the essence of Viking history.

Skull Dog Tag Necklace Multicolor

FaithHeart Jewelry offers another striking piece for those who appreciate Gothic aesthetics, the Skull Dog Tag Necklace Multicolor. This necklace exudes a different charisma, made from the same durable stainless steel and featuring a pendant size of 51.5mm*26mm.

Gothic Elegance

This necklace is part of FaithHeart’s Gothic collection, perfect for those who want to make a bold statement. The multicolored skull design on the pendant adds a touch of edginess to your style. With a chain length of 55+5cm (22+2 inches) and weighing 42.4g, it’s a substantial piece that demands attention.


In accessories, Viking dog tags remain special, reminding us of when warriors sailed uncharted waters and lived by their code of honor. Faithheart Jewelry Engraved Runes Dog Tags Necklace and the Skull Dog Tag Necklace Multicolor are exceptional pieces that allow us to connect with that fierce spirit of old while effortlessly elevating our modern style. They can also provide you with custom picture necklaces. These captivating, essential accessories beckon you to indulge in the rich history of the Vikings, all while making a bold statement in today’s digital realm of fashion.

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