Walter Kerr Theatre Seating Chart Guide

The Walter Kerr Theatre Seating Chart is an intimate Broadway theater located at 219 West 48th Street in New York City. With a capacity of just 975 seats, there isn’t a bad view of the house. However, some seats are better than others for legroom, sightlines, and proximity to the stage. This seating guide provides everything you need to know before attending a show at the Walter Kerr, including:

  • Theater Overview and Capacity
  • Orchestra Seating
  • Mezzanine Seating
  • Balcony Guide
  • Recommended Seats
  • How to Get Cheap Tickets
Walter Kerr Theatre Seating Chart

Walter Kerr Theatre Overview and Capacity

The Walter Kerr Theatre first opened in 1921 as the Ritz Theatre. After functioning as a radio station and movie theater over the years, it reopened in 1990 with its current name honoring theater critic Walter Kerr.

With only 975 seats, the Walter Kerr is one of the most intimate Broadway venues. The seating breakdown is as follows:

  • 521 seats in the Orchestra
  • 330 seats in the Mezzanine
  • 68 seats in the Balcony
  • 56 seats in boxes beside the Orchestra section

Despite its small size, the Walter Kerr offers decent legroom and excellent sightlines from most seats. The venue has a steep rake, ensuring clear views over patrons’ heads.

Orchestra Seating at Walter Kerr Theatre Chart

The Orchestra is the largest section, housing over half the theater’s seats. It contains around 15 rows labeled A through S.

The Orchestra seating consists of three subsections:

  • Center Orchestra: The middle Orchestra section with the best views. Contains premium seats in rows B-F.
  • Left Orchestra: Angled side-section with decent views. Rows A-C are closest to the stage.
  • Right Orchestra: Mirrors the Left Orchestra on the opposite side.

Center Orchestra seats in rows B-F provide the most centered perspective of the stage. The front row is very close to the performers, while rows E-H balance proximity and elevation 389. The side Orchestra sections have angled sightlines but offer less expensive tickets. Front rows A-D are closest on the left and right. Views become more obstructed further back and on the outer edges.

Wheelchair-accessible and companion seats are available in the back of the Orchestra section.

Mezzanine Seating at Walter Kerr Theatre

The Mezzanine is the second seating level, located 37 steps from the Orchestra section. It contains 8 rows labeled A through H.

Similar to the Orchestra level, the Mezzanine has Left, Center, and Right subsections:

  • Center Mezzanine: Central seats with the most direct perspective of the stage. Rows A are premium.
  • Left Mezzanine: Angled side section with decent views. Front rows are better.
  • Right Mezzanine: Mirrors the Left Mezzanine on the opposite side.

The front rows of the Center Mezzanine offer elevated, head-on sightlines with strong acoustics. Rows A-C are regarded as some of the best seats, similar to the Orchestra below. The steep rake provides most patrons with clear views despite being farther back. However, the Balcony overhang may obstruct views from rows D+. Good deals can be found in the rear side sections as prices drop. But views become more angled and distant on the outer edges.

Balcony Guide at Walter Kerr Theatre

The Balcony is the highest and smallest section, containing just 68 seats in 2 rows. It is located a full 52 steps above the Orchestra level. The Balcony is divided into Left and Right halves with a central aisle separating them.

While the lowest priced seats, Balcony tickets come with some drawbacks. Patrons may feel very distant, and lighting rigs can obstruct views of the bottom portion of the stage.

The steep rake also causes most seats to have angled sightlines. Balcony row B tends to have better visibility than row A.

Walter Kerr Theatre Seating Chart

Recommended Seats at Walter Kerr Theatre

While the Walter Kerr Theatre Seating Chart offers solid views from most seats, these sections provide the optimal balance of legroom, sightlines, and proximity:

Best Orchestra Seats: Rows B-F in Center Orchestra
Best Mezzanine Seats: Rows A-C in Center Mezzanine
Best Value Seats: Rear corners of side Orchestra and Mezzanine sections Orchestra rows B-F and Front Center Mezzanine rows A-C provide a central perspective just above or right at eye-level with the performers3689.The rear corners of the side Orchestra and Mezzanine sections offer angled views but substantial savings over more central areas.

How to Get Cheap Hadestown Tickets

As an extremely popular, Tony-winning Broadway musical, Hadestown is in very high demand at the Walter Kerr Theatre. But here are some methods to help find discounted tickets:

  • Enter ticket lotteries: Many Broadway shows, including Hadestown, offer day-of lotteries for a limited number of $40 tickets.
  • Purchase rear Orchestra or Mezzanine seats: The corners and furthest rows of the Orchestra or Mezzanine sections often have tickets well below average prices.
  • Buy standing-room-only tickets: If available, standing-room spots at the back of the Orchestra section offer cheap access for around $40.
  • Attend matinee performances: Afternoon shows typically have more availability and lower prices than evening performances.
  • Buy last minute: Prices usually drop drastically in the last few hours before showtime as sellers reduce rates to sell remaining tickets.

By using one or more of these methods, significant savings can be achieved compared to average prices for premium Hadestown tickets at the Walter Kerr Theatre.

what is the seating arrangement like at Walter Kerr Theatre

 Here are the key points about the seating arrangement at the Walter Kerr Theatre:

  1. The theater has a total capacity of 975 seats, divided between the Orchestra (521 seats), Mezzanine (330 seats), and Balcony (68 seats) levels. There are also 56 seats in boxes beside the Orchestra.
  2. The Orchestra contains 3 sections – Center, Left, and Right. The Center Orchestra has the most direct perspective. The side sections have angled sightlines but less expensive tickets.
  3. Similarly, the Mezzanine has Center, Left, and Right sections. The Front Center Mezzanine rows offer some of the best-elevated views. The rear side sections have obstructed views but big discounts.
  4. The small Balcony is farthest from the stage and has angled sightlines. Views can be obstructed by lighting rigs and patrons leaning forward.
  5. Recommended seats are Center Orchestra rows B-F and Front Center Mezzanine rows A-C for the optimal balance of legroom, sightlines, and proximity.
  6. Wheelchair-accessible and companion seats are located in the rear of the Orchestra section. No other sections have accessibility.

The Walter Kerr is an intimate theater with solid views from most seats. The front and central sections of the Orchestra and Mezzanine provide the best experience, while the rear and side areas can offer big discounts.


The Walter Kerr Theatre’s 975-seat intimate design and steep rake provide most patrons with solid views. For the best combination of legroom, sightlines, and proximity, aim for the front Center Orchestra rows B-F or Center Mezzanine rows A-C.Use ticket lotteries, discounted rear seating areas, matinees, and last-minute deals to access cheaper Hadestown tickets. This seating guide equips you to select optimal seats and save money at this spectacular Broadway theater.

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