What Can A Camshaft  Lifter Kit Do For Your Performance Vehicle?

Cam and lifter kits are popular because the two parts are often upgraded together, and if you understand the relationship, it makes sense why that is so. Lifters actuate as the camshaft moves over them, opening and closing the valves that regulate fuel and air flow. Upgrades can achieve a variety of purposes, and finding the right SBC cam kit will depend on what you want to achieve.

Changing the Camshaft and Lifters

Changing the cam changes the way the lifters operate because the shape and size of the cam determine how long the valves stay open or closed. That means you can adjust for more power, faster acceleration, greater efficiency or even a balanced set of gains in each area. This is an advanced upgrade, so understanding your engine’s size limitations and the compatible cam kits will be essential to finding the right match.

Each engine has a limited range of compatible camshaft sizes, and if you want to go bigger past a certain point, you just need to upgrade with something like a crate engine so you have more room to grow. Without changing sizes, you still have options for upgrades that can provide you with performance gains by using more precise machining, updated materials, and other design tweaks.

What Type of Lifters Do You Need?

Hydraulic lifters are the most common type on the market today, and for decades they were the highest-performing option. That is not true any longer, as mechanical lifters have improved to the point where they offer a low-maintenance, precise option that can work for either economy builds or performance builds designed to deliver top speed and acceleration.

If you use mechanical lifters, you also need to choose between solid lifters and rollers. The mechanical action is similar, but rollers tend to be a bit quieter. Either way, you will find performance options that are designed to work with a new cam, or you can order a cam kit that comes with the lifters in one package. That makes it easy to be sure you have compatible parts for everything, because you only need to match the kit to your short block instead of having to match each part separately.

Finding Your Next Engine Upgrades

When you want performance car parts that really deliver, you’re going to want to count on the same people that give you a selection of great drag tires for the other upgrades that will help you improve your times or even win events. By shopping for all your upgrades in one spot, you can easily match up components to accomplish multiple upgrades at once. That allows you to plan a short block upgrade with the compatible cam kit you need so you can put everything together at once when you want more power in your vehicle.

Finding the right supplier also means having access to tools you might not think about until you need them, like the GM wiring diagrams that help you track down shorts and figure out which circuits can take new accessories. Start putting together supplies for your next project today.

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