Whatsapp Automated Replies: what is it, benefits, uses & examples

In today’s world, the consumer prefers text messages as the means of communication. People are choosing OTT Apps like WhatsApp for messaging. Today, when everyone wants to save time, these WhatsApp automated replies function like a savior as you can reply in the blink of an eye. The companies prefer sending automated messages on WhatsApp to consumers. Whatsapp Automated Replies is a feature where users set up an automatic reply on Whatsapp. These automated replies offer prompt answers to the questions asked by the consumers. Companies also send automated responses when the user does not respond to either bring him back or engage him again.

People are reaching out to businesses through text communication. Automated Replies help in creating a positive customer experience. The user can save time by replying to the customers’ queries with automated messages instead of manual responses. It helps in lessening the workload of the business and in saving costs.

There are two ways to set Whatsapp auto-reply messages app. They are as follows:

1. Set the automated replies messages from the Whatsapp business account.

2. It is also set through the Whatsapp partner platform, which gives the user access to the Whatsapp API. 

The first option is good to send simple away messages. It can also send welcome messages. One can only send a few messages through the Whatsapp business account. 

Through the second option, the user can create a CRM. Then, the CRM platform communicates with WhatsApp through an API. The second option helps in sending automated messages for a wide variety of situations. Users can create customized automated messages and integrate WhatsApp messaging into big marketing plans.

Whatsapp Automated Replies help businesses to set up responses that are preconceived. To handle small consumer queries, it is advisable for the business to set up chatbots.

The automated replies can provide information about the availability of the products, frequently asked questions, and the present status of the orders. There are many benefits of the WhatsApp automated replies. Check them before anyone else:

1. Increased engagement

Engagement means the interaction between the company and the customer. The business can increase its engagement through WhatsApp automation. The company can easily exchange targeted messages with customers. They can also have customized communication with them. Through automated replies, the company responds promptly to the customers. Hence, this increases the engagement between the customers and the company. 

Example of personalized engagement. 

  • The company sends customized welcome messages to new subscribers through automated messages. 
  • Sending reminders for upcoming events. 
  • ┬áThe company provides offers and promotions to loyal customers.

2. Reach is increased

Automated messages help in increasing the reach of the business. Through WhatsApp automation, businesses can send messages to many customers. The business can also target a particular group through automated messages. It will increase the visibility of the brand. 

Example of increased reach

  •  The business sends promotional messages to customers interested in particular products and services.
  • Giving information about the products to the customers. 

3. Saves cost

Through Whatsapp automation, the business saves a significant amount of money. They don’t have to hire manual labor for the work. You can control the marketing expenses of the businesses through WhatsApp automation. Businesses can communicate with customers through WhatsApp messaging. 

Example of cost savings:

  • For promotional offers and discounts, businesses can send automated messages to customers. 
  • The business can save labor costs by sending automated messages to the customers.

4. Brand awareness

The brand can personally send automated messages about the brand to the customers. It can easily arrange a good customer relationship between the brand and the customers. The customer will get good knowledge about the products and services through automated messages. What else do you need than this to build trust with the customers? 

Example of brand awareness

  • Send WhatsApp automated messages to give customers full information about the products and services. 
  • Businesses also share blogs and videos to build brand awareness.

5. Follow-ups

After a certain event, companies can send automated pre-written messages to customers. These messages request the customers to visit the website or purchase a particular product. The businesses send follow-up automated messages to customers. 

Example of follow-up

  • You can simply put your thoughts in the most creative way and create automated personalized messages. Later, you can send them to customers after the purchase. Like, ” Beat the stress of Monday with the parcel you received,” or, Get another product at just 40% of the cost.” 
  • These messages thank the customers for purchasing and offer them a discount on their next purchase. In return, you gain their biggest assets- trust and loyalty.

6. Leads from potential customers

Save the time and resources of the businesses by automated lead generation. The business collects information about the consumer through automatic WhatsApp replies and uses it for future marketing purposes. The businesses install chatbots to collect contact information. 

Example of lead generation

  • Use the chatbots to engage with customers. The businesses exchange contact information for rewards like discounts and offers.
  • Companies can use targeted messages to reach particular customers. 
  • To keep the customers engaged, businesses should never give up while following up the leads.

7. Customer support

Automated Whatsapp messages provide customer support and services to the customers. The best part is prompt answers to common queries through automated messages and chatbots. 

Example of customer support

  • Chatbots help in providing 24/7 support. Automated messages are there to answer common questions.
  •  Automated messages directly provide personalized support. 
  • Track complete customer support through analytics.

Whatsapp automation is very important for the company’s sales and marketing functions. It helps to send automated messages for welcoming new customers, replies, alerts, notifications, and important announcements.

Wrapping Up

A company can manage a huge number of calls through automated replies. Automation helps in reducing the response time of the business. WhatsApp automation provides immediate responses to customers. It enables the company’s representatives to concentrate on more important tasks. Companies can directly communicate and contact customers through WhatsApp automated replies. 

Whatsapp automation helps the company increase the reach and growth of the business. 

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