7 Smart Tips for Pet Relocation Before Moving from India to Singapore

The success of an international pet relocation depends on how you plan for it. Most people fear about the safety of their pets while moving with them internationally. Owing to the long-distance relocation, they are always concerned while relocating their pets safely to their destination. If you too are moving from India to Singapore with your pets, it is quite obvious to get stressed. 

However, if you plan your Singapore relocation perfectly your pet relocation process will turn out to be much easier and safer for you. Hence, strategic planning will be of much benefit to you as it will save you from any unwanted stress during your international pet relocation. Here are a few following tips that will help you greatly during your pet relocation process:-

Use Microchips

Do you know that microchips can be the real savior for you during your international pet relocation? They are tiny devices that are implanted under the skin. They are implanted in the pet by a vet through a painless procedure. However, they are extremely beneficial for you during your overall pet relocation. The microchips contain important information about your pets such as their vaccine-related information, medical records, as well your contact details. A vet can get this information just by scanning your pet’s microchip. These chips help you reunite with your lost pet during your pet relocation process. This is the reason why many people use it while moving their pets from India to Singapore. 

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Get Your Pet Vaccinated

It is of utmost importance to get your pet vaccinated before moving it to Singapore. Well, it is necessary to immunize your pet before taking it to a foreign relocation. So, you should relocate your pet only after getting it vaccinated through a vet. If you are moving your dog to Singapore, then you should get him vaccinated for Lyme disease, coronavirus, canine influenza, etc. Hence, make sure to get your pet vaccinated before moving it from India to Singapore. You should also contact your vet to know about the current medical condition of your pet before the move. 

Contact Your Vet

Make sure to contact your vet before moving from India to Singapore. This will help you get information about the current medical condition of your pet. He will diagnose your pet and tell you about any medical condition your pet is suffering with. Once you know about it, you can start the medication for it.

If you are bound to move to your destination between the treatments your vet will prescribe medicines for it. He can also prescribe anti-anxiety medicines for your pet during the move. This will help in maintaining the good health of your pet during the international relocation services

Apart from the check-up of your pet with the vet, you can also get all the medical records of your pet from him. This will be extremely useful for you during the relocation of your pet from India to Singapore. The medical records will provide your new vet with valuable information about the medical condition of your pet. The new vet will start treatment of your pet based on its previous medical history. 

Buy a Crate for Your Pet

It is important to buy a crate for your pet during the international pet relocation. You should keep your pet in a crate during the overall pet relocation to your desired international location. You can find a variety of crates in the market. However, you must choose the one that provides comfort to your pet during the move. 

The best would be to opt for the IATA-compliant crates as they are perfect for your pet from all aspects. These crates have enough space in them so your pet can easily stand, sit, and move in them. Also, these crates are designed after keeping in mind the requirements of all airlines. Moreover, you can easily assemble these crates whenever you need them. They also come with removal wheels that let you transport your pet to any place without much effort. Hence, you must always buy these crates for a safe journey of your pets to any foreign country. 

Find a New Vet

After reaching your international destination through packers and movers, you must find a new vet there. You can search for the new vet on the internet. Moreover, you can also get help from your neighbors to find a professional vet for your pet. 

However, you must go through his qualifications and experience first. This will help you find the best vet for your pet. After finding him, you can resume the treatment of your pet. He will go through the medical history of your pet and prescribe an effective treatment for it. If you don’t find the right vet, you can contact your old vet and get a recommendation from him. Your old vet will definitely solve your problem if you contact him. 

Pet Health Insurance

Make sure to get a health insurance facility for your pet before moving from India to Singapore. This will be very helpful for you as you can get reimbursement if your pet faces any problems during the international move.  A pet health insurance covers any injury or illness. It also covers any hospital stay or surgeries of your pet. So, don’t forget to get health insurance for your pet from your movers while moving internationally. This will provide peace of mind during your international move thereby making your relocation less stressful. 

Let Your Pet Acclimate to its Crate

After finding an appropriate crate for your pet, you should let it know about it. Just place the crate before it and let it acclimate to this crate. The pet needs to get accustomed to it. The more you let it explore the crate, the more it will feel comfortable during the move. The best would be to use this crate regularly during the move. Make sure to let your pet explore this crate as much as it can. This will help it be safe as well as comfortable during the entire international relocation. 

Over to You

Apart from the abovementioned tips, you can find other useful tips to move your pet to Singapore. These tips will be a great help to you if you are moving from India to Singapore with your pet. 

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