Sundarban Courier Service Tracking

Right now everyone looking Sundarban Courier Service Tracking that exists on this page. Further, Sundarbans Courier Service is considered a pioneer of parcel services in Bangladesh. He is also known as the founder of the Courier Service Association of Bangladesh. In 1973 it started to bring goods into the private sector. It has its offices in 64 districts of the country and also started to provide services outside the country. The company aims to offer equal services to the customers without any biases or regional differences. It offers different services on a single platform such as booking, packing, transportation, and delivery. But they have also started an online e-commerce company. It helps to reach the customer and desired seller in various parts of the country. The company demand to choose them because it claims to consistently maintain the following:

  • Good speed
  • Reliability
  • Low price
  • Simplicity

Sundarban Courier Service Tracking

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Throughout Bangladesh, they have 33 branches, around 80,000 clients, and 170 hours of support in Bangladesh while it has 834 branches, and 2,000,000 clients in 25 countries. They provide parcel, home, and office services. They offer around four kinds of services to the country. they are as follows:

  • Document service:

In this service, they provide document delivery nationwide. The envelopes with a weight between 01 and 200 grams are dispatched to the customers. It includes the distribution of more than 600 outlets in Bangladesh.

  • Value declare service:

Under this service, they simply collect the amount listed against frequently used Ecommerce and condition parcel products.

  • Mobile and ICT equipment service

It includes the delivery of mobile and other technological appliances from the manufacturers to the customers.

  • Sundarban Courier Service Branch List

If some super-fast document service or delivery is needed. It is done under this category with some extra charges of BDT 120 for each document.

Its branches have spread throughout Bangladesh. The list of its branches in some of the cities of Bangladesh is as follows:

  • Dhaka Division
  • Rajshani Division
  • Khulna Division
  • Chittagong Division
  • Rangpur Division
  • Barishal Division
  • Mymensingh Division
  • Sylhet Division
  • Rangpur Division

Sundarban Courier Service Tracking

How to Track Sundarban Courier Parcel

There is another way to track the parcel and it is by the use of the contact number given by the customer while placing the order. The customer has to follow the same step. Firstly, the customers must open the tracking page of Sunderbans courier service, and in the search bar in place of the CN number they have to select a phone number or the contact number and select the time period when they ordered, then click on the search button. They will ultimately get the details of their parcel and item description.

SCS Tracking Contact Number

Address 24/25 Dilkusha CA, Dhaka1000 Bangladesh.
Contact Numbers 9564218, 9559635
Email Address [email protected]
Fax Number 880-2-9563995

Sundarban Courier Service Tracking by Phone Number

For the questions, queries, and addressing complaints Sundarbans maintained a call center number (09612003003). They kept in mind the best possible ways to facilitate their customers so that they can freely ask questions and get their answers. Call Centre service has been introduced at the national level and it remains open from 7 am to 11 pm.

Sundarban Courier Service Tracking Apps

Now, they are going to launch the app for the facilatation of the customer because now firslty they open the official page and track their parcel. So, when the app will introduce then just customers open the app and then track their parcel.

Tracking is actually done to find out the location of a particular thing. And courier service tracking means finding out the position of the courier or the parcel that has been dispatched. By the time the order is being dispatched a code is given to the customer to track their parcel. That is called a CN number which stands for combined nomenclature. If a customer has to track their parcel they simply need to open the tracking web page of Sunderbans courier services. On that page in the search bar, they have to mention the CN number of the parcel and click on the search button.

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