GP Welcome Tune off Code: How to Stop GP Welcome Tune?

Sometimes users get bored from a few services and they want to get rid of it. Just like, GP Welcome Tune off Code is now in search of the purpose to understand that How to Stop GP Welcome Tune?  Undoubtedly, most users of Grameenphone love to have these welcome tunes but after a certain period of time, few of them want to come back to some traditional rings. Surely, customers are always respectful for the company that why an option is always available for them that whenever they want to switch any offer off, they can easily do it. But they need to follow a proper process for deactivation as they are doing at the time of the subscription.

How to Stop GP Welcome Tune?

  • The process is really simple for the purpose to understand how to stop GP welcome tune?  But in this, there are two options that one will need to stop it temporary or second option to stop it permanently also exists in it. So, it’s your choice what you want to do? And send the code what you are deciding.

GP Welcome Tune off Code:

For Temporary deactivation of this service, GP Welcome Tune off Code is 24000. Just type ON or OFF and send this message to this respective code and get the result in just seconds.

  • Furthermore, the GP Welcome Tune off Code for the permanent deactivation is also the same 2400. But its process is slightly different. Just type a message of STOP and send it to 24000, and within in no time you will get the result.
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There are not any charges to off the GP Welcome Tune, so don’t worry and enjoy the other offers of this network. Just remember one thing that GP Welcome Tune off Code is used for multiple purposes, so don’t forget its process that how to Stop GP Welcome Tune?  Hopefully, this text will help in this matter and will help to find the solution to your issue.

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