Honda CRV 2023 Price in Bangladesh

Honda CRV is the best option for families as well as this is considered an SUV vehicle. A new model with a new facelift has been released in Bangladesh and now people seeking the Honda CRV 2023 Price in Bangladesh. This is 4 cylinder turbo engine with DOHC. On the other hand, look wise this vehicle is brilliant while just only exists in one variant. Because some of the people think that company giving this vehicle in multiple variants. Moreover, this vehicle is much better as compare to Kia and Hyundai SUV vehicles. Honda CRV is totally Japanese-made vehicle while KIA and Hyundai motors are locally assembled. Further, info regarding interior, exterior, fuel mileage, security, and Honda CRV 2023 Price in Bangladesh are listed below.

Honda CRV 2023 Price in Bangladesh

The latest model of Honda CRV 2023 price in BD has been issued by the company as well as this vehicle exists at 5.5 Million BDT. This is the showroom price while when you buy a new vehicle then definitely you give some govt taxes. The company price of the Honda CRV is available on this page.

Honda CR-V Price ৳  3,266,550

Honda CR-V 2023 Price in Bangladesh

Honda CRV Interior

The interior of the CRV is too beautiful while many of the specs and features have been inserted by the company. On the other hand, in between the left person and right person, they have installed one box where they adjust the gear and some other options. Moreover, the look of the console box is a unique style and using imported fabric that gives some extra beauty. Further, the interior space of this vehicle is wide besides they have adjusted leather seats. The most important space of luggage is too much and especially when people go on the long drive then store luggage.

Honda CR-V Interior

Honda CRV Engine Capacity Cc

Two types of engine exist in this vehicle but as per the survey people like the 1498Cc engine. On the other hand, those people who like hybrid CRV now can select the 1993Cc. Furthermore, both engines totally fuel-efficient and gives a high mileage as compared to other vehicles.

Honda CR-V Engine Capacity Cc

Honda CRV Seating Capacity

5 Paggangers can easily sit in the vehicle as well as some people install small folding seats where you can put the luggage. Because children can easily adjust. Moreover, this is the perfect vehicle for family usage.

Honda CR-V Seating Capacity

Honda CRV Fuel Consumption Per Litre

Fuel average is different of this vehicle who are using this car in the city and out of the city. Both fuel averages have mentioned below the table. Moreover, it depends on people who are driving because of you give the high speed then definitely engine will use high fuel.

In City 12KM to 14KM
Out of City 15 KM to 17 KM

Honda CRV is a fully automatic vehicle that exists in Bangladesh. Besides for the safety of the people, they have installed airbags in different locations in this vehicle. Parking sensor available while for the entertainment of the people android LED and multimedia player inserted. The exterior of this vehicle is not matchable with other vehicles. Till now no other company using a braking system who are using this company. All guidance has mentioned about Honda CRV 2023 Price in Bangladesh and people can gather the information.

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